Kevin Levrone is BACK! Will Compete at 2016 Mr. Olympia



The Maryland Muscle Machine is back!


Earlier this year I said that I thought that Kevin Levrone might be making a comeback. I was hoping that he would compete at the first ever Levrone Pro Classic in Poland. I was wrong. Then at the IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Show, Kevin shocked the world to announce that at 52 years old, he will be coming out of retirement and competing at the 2016 Mr. Olympia.


The IFBB can give special exemptions to bodybuilders who didn’t qualify for the Mr. Olympia. The last I can remember was Gunter Schlierkamp in 2002. This means that Kevin can focus on growing into the 2016 Mr. Olympia (something he is famous for) and not having to contest prep multiple times.



Kevin doesn’t need to compete, he wants to. Kevin also has a supplement company that will benefit from his exposure.

Can he win?

I’m not a hater, but I don’t think Kevin will win. It wouldn’t surprise me if he finished in the top 10. I’d be shocked and super happy if he finished in the top 5. There are a few good things going for Kevin. Kevin has taken years off from the normal “regiment”. Kevin didn’t need to take a lot of drugs and famous for taking months at a time off between shows. His genetics will allow him to grow into the contest. Last reports said he was 250 pounds!


Funny Kevin Story?

Kevin is known to be a little different when it comes to training and dieting. One of his secrets was to drink vodka mixed with coffee the night before contest to dry out. Before the 1997 Russian Grand Prix, Kevin had Ronnie try the concoction and Ronnie actually beat Kevin the next day!



How well do you think he will do? Can he win?


Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

Best ABS in Bodybuilding History

mainbannerWho has the best abs in Bodybuilding History? You will see some legendary names such as Frank Zane, but also some guys you may not have heard of. This is my top 10 list!


Honorable Mention: Lee Priest, Mohamed Makkawy, Premchand Dogra, Darrem Charles


 10. Chris Cormier


A massive 250 Pound Bodybuilder

 9. Flex Wheeler


In 1993 he was at his greatest.

8.  Lee Lebrada

Lee Labrada95.jpg

Lee had a tiny waist.

7. Shawn Ray


Shawn Ray- INSANE

6. Bob Paris


Killer abs and one of the best posers of all time.

5.  Milos Sarcev


Another Great Poser.

4. Thierry Pastel


Tiny, tiny, tiny waist.

3. Frank Zane


Master of the vacuum and only Mr. Olympia winner on the list.

2. Serge Nubret


2000 sit-ups a day…

Best Ever:

Ahmad Haidar

download (1)

Never won a pro show, finished 2nd twice, but the best abs of all time go to Mr. Haidar.


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2016 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Predictions

mainbanner2016 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Predictions

You may have read my 2015 edition where my predictions were near perfect . Dexter won his 5th Arnold Classic. Justin Compton finished top 3 at the Arnold, Kai Greene finished outside the top 2 at the Mr. Olympia (Okay, he didn’t show), Phil Heath won #5, and William Bonac finished 8th.

Predictions for 2016:

Kai Greene will win the 2016 Arnold Classic


Kai Greene didn’t compete at the 2015 Mr. Olympia because he didn’t sign the damn contract. Kai Greene will take advantage of the fairly strong 2016 Arnold Classic lineup and win. He will then go to the Mr. Olympia and finish in the top 3.

Josh Lenartowicz will finish top 10 at the Mr. Olympia


This guy is an animal and came out of nowhere. He is from Australia and has the mass and conditioning to compete with anyone.

Arnold Classic Top 5

  1. Kai Greene
  2. Justin Compton
  3. Cedric McMillan
  4. Josh Lenartowicz
  5. Evan Centopani

The Rise and Fall of Branch Warren


Branch had a great year in 2015. I was actually at the Charlotte Pro Show where he won his first pro competition. I’m a huge fan, but I think this will be the year he starts to regress. Too many injuries in his great career will start taking a toll on his placings.

Dexter Jackson will win the 2016 New York Pro


Dexter is one of my all-time favorites. With a win at the 2016 New York Pro, he will surpass Ronnie Coleman as the winner of the most pro competitions ever. Dexter will also move on to the Olympia where he will finish again in the top 5.

Sergio Oliva Jr. will compete in his first pro competition this summer and win


I think that Sergio is ready for the big time after winning his pro card last year. Sergio has size and conditioning to win at mid-level shows.

Cody Montgomery, not ready yet…


I am a huge fan of this kid. His conditioning and style reminds me of some of the greats. I think with the current bodybuilding judging mindset, Cody will be penalized for not being big and thick enough to compete with the elder-statesman of the league. I think Cody can compete in mid-level shows, but will need a few more years to win a coveted title.

Phil Heath will win #6, but the competition is closing in…


Phil will win his sixth title this coming September, but the people behind him will start pushing. I think Cedric, Compton, and Big Ramy will be pushing Phil, while others will start falling.


Like or love my summary? Sound off below.



Thank you,
Dustin Holston
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How to make a New Year’s Resolution you can actually stick to


According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people who make a New Year’s resolution achieve their goals…

I will be honest, I am probably the worst person for writing this article. I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution since I had a goal of dunking a basketball in 9th grade. Keep in mind that I was 5’4 then, and only 5’8 now. Before making my first resolution in the last 16 years, I wanted to outline how to make such a goal.


How to set the ultimate New Year’s Resolution:

#1. The goal must be measurable:

“I want to be skinny.” – Not measurable

“I want to have a six pack in 12 months.” -Measurable 

“I want to stop drinking coke.”- Measurable 

“I want to be rich.” – Not measurable

“I want to bench press 300 pounds.” -Measurable

Your goal must be measurable. In fitness, most of these goals are quantitative in nature, meaning they are measurable. I want to lose 10 pounds, I want to lose 3 inches off my waist, and I want to bench 250 pounds are all quantitative. Qualitative goals tend to be harder to measure. I want to be skinny, is not a measurable goal. Skinny is an adjective that means different things to different people. Turn your qualitative goal into a quantitative goal by having specific goals. If you want to be skinny, and you think you will be skinny if you lose 20 pounds, then make your goal to lose 20 pounds. If you hit your goal and you find it isn’t where you want to be, then readjust.

#2. The goal must be realistic:

“I weigh 300 pounds, and by the end of 2015 I want to weigh 100 pounds.”- Not realistic

“I bench press 150 pounds and by the end of 2015 I want to bench 250 pounds.”- Realistic

“I want to gain 100 pounds of muscle by eating healthy in 2015.”- Not realistic

“I want to lose 50 pounds in 2015.”- Realistic

If your goal isn’t realistic, then you risk the chance to succeed. If you make the goal too unobtainable, then you will more than likely give up early. If you don’t know if your goal is realistic, ask a doctor, personal trainer, or friend for advice.

3. The goal must be hard… but obtainable:

“I want to lose 5 pounds this year.”- Not hard

“I want to gain 15 pounds of muscle in 2015.” – Hard but obtainable

“I want to lose 100 pounds of fat.”- Hard, but maybe too hard

If you set a goal that is too hard then you will be disappointed when it is impossible to succeed. If you make a goal that is too easy, you will be complacent and not try hard enough. I feel the best goals are ones in which I feel there is only a 50/50 chance of succeeding. This will encourage me to try harder, but realize that although it is going to be tough, I can do it!

4. Include how you are specifically going to achieve this goal in your New Year’s Resolution:

“I am going to lose 15 pounds by changing my diet by adding more fiber and fruits, while lowering total caloric intake.”- Great

“I am going to lose 15 pounds by eating healthier.” – Not specific enough 

By including how you are going to achieve your goal means that you have taken some time and thought about the process of your goal. This normally involves research or working with someone. Having the knowledge necessary to achieve your goal is vital prior to starting your goal.

5. Set mini-goals by date to help achieve your resolution:

“I am going to lose 15 pounds in 12 months. By April I will be down 5 pounds. By August I will be down 10 pounds.”- Great

“I am going to gain 20 pounds of muscle this year. It doesn’t matter how it happens.” -No mini-goals to help achieve the resolution

Having mini-goals set periodically help you gauge how well you are doing. If you do not hit your mini-goal, it allows for extra motivation over the next time period. This is probably the most overlooked aspect of achieving your New Year’s resolution.


By setting a measurable, realistic, challenging yet obtainable goals with the specifics of how you will achieve the goal, and mini-goals to help gauge process, anyone can be one of the 8% of people who actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution.

What can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution?

If you are trying to lose weight, I suggest the Commander Go Pack (for men), or the Bliss Go Pack (for women). Both fight fat 24/7 with three killer fat burners in one. One is a stim that fights fat and controls appetite, while the other two help reduce stress and optimize hormones.


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My New Year’s Resolution?

Be a bad ass… Wait, that isn’t measurable.

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Best Bodybuilders 2010-2015



In my third installment of my “Best Bodybuilders” series (fourth if you count the most shredded bodybuilders ever), I will be focusing from 20100-2015. You will see Phil Heath, Dennis Wolf, Kai Greene, and others who have won major titles during this time. While the 90’s was about shredded mass, and the 2000’s were about size, where 2010-2015 was a mixture of the two. I wouldn’t say that it is better than either decade, but it is very much its own style of bodybuilding.


10. Justin Compton- Questionable Pick, Europa Orlando Winner, Top 3 at Arnold Classic


9.  Victor Martinez- Won several shows, finished 3rd 2011 Arnold, 4th 2011 Mr Olympia.


8.  Mamdouh Elssbiay “Big Ramy”- 2 x New York Pro, 1 x Arnold Brazil


7. Shawn Rhoden- Top 4 Mr. Olympia 2012-2015


6. Jay Cutler- 4 x Mr. Olympia winner won his last in 2010, Runner-Up 2011, Retired


5. Branch Warren- Winner of 2 Arnold Classics


4. Dennis Wolf- 2014 Arnold Winner, Top 6 Mr. Olympia 2010-2015


3. Dexter Jackson- Winner of 2 Arnold Classics between 2010-2015, 2nd Place Mr. Olympia 2015.


2. Kai Greene- Winner of Arnold Classic 2010, 3 straight 2nd’s at Mr. Olympia 2012-2014


1. Phil Heath- 5 time Mr. Olympia Winner 2010-2015


Summary: I’d put prime Ronnie Coleman (98-2001) or prime Dorian Yates above anyone in this time frame. I’d also put Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, Nasser, and a few others up there also. The amount of mass can compete with any year, but the conditioning has been lost.

Honorable Mentions: Toney Freeman, Johnnie Jackson, Cedric McMillian,  and William Bonac.

Like the picks? Hate the picks? Sound off below!


Lift Heavy My Friends,


Dustin Holston

Male and Female Body Types- What are you?

BannerBlissMale and Female Body Types

There are three main body types for males and females. These are: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Knowing which body type you have can help you design a diet and training program to help you optimize results.

Note: Use the following calculator to calculate your BMR. 


Ectomorph: Skinny, lanky, and lean muscle.

Ectomorphs are characterized as skinny, lean, and lanky body types. They typically have narrow shoulders and narrow waists. They have a hard time putting muscle on, but typically have naturally lower body fat percentages.

To Gain Muscle: Ectomorphs should eat several meals a day (6+) with high protein and high carbohydrates. Cardio isn’t as important for this body type. Heavy weights should be used to help build muscle. Eat 500+ calories more than your BMR.

To Lose Fat: Ectomorphs should eat several meals a day (6+) with high protein, but low carbohydrates. You want to eat several meals to help preserve muscle and burn fat. High Intensity Interval Training for cardio should be used to help shred the fat and retain as much muscle as possible. Heavy/moderate weights should be used to build muscle. Try to eat around your BMR.

Ectomorph Examples: Skinny Girls and Me!

Body-Types-Women                               BxNXyBZCAAELWui

Mesomorphs: Wide shoulders, big chest, and muscular.

Mesomorphs are just born with muscle. Typically have body styles that include wider shoulders, bigger chest, and gain muscle very easy. Mesomorphs also gain fat easier than ectomorphs. This style typically does well in physical sports and bodybuilding.

To Gain Muscle: Eat several high protein, low-moderate carbohydrate meals a day (+6).  Moderate/Heavy weights should be used to build muscle. Eat 300-500 calories more than your BMR.

To Lose Fat: Eat several high protein, low carbohydrate meals a day (4-6). High Intensity Interval Training and extended cardio several times a week.  Moderate/Heavy weights should be used to build/maintain muscle. Try to eat 300-500 calories less than your BMR.

Mesomorph Examples: Christina Holston and Phil Heath

1910272_10206574804423629_4320873948108333341_n                                8895-phil-heath-261_final

Endomorphs: Wide hips, wide shoulders, and gains fat very easy.

Endomorphs are “big boned people”. Typically hold much more fat than the other two body styles. Endomorphs have problems losing fat but can gain muscle pretty easily. Endomorphs do very well in powerlifting and strength activities.

To Gain Muscle: Eat high protein, low carbohydrate meals several times a day (6+). Heavy/moderate weights with little as possible rest between sets to keep heart rate up. Finish workouts with 15-30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week to prevent fat gain. Stay around your BMR and slowly increase it week to week until you see optimal gains.

To Lose Fat: Eat high protein, very low carbohydrate meals several times a day (6+). Keep healthy fats moderate, and eliminate as much non-healthy fats. 30+ minutes of cardio 5 times a week. Lift moderate weights with as little rest between sets as possible. Try to eat 500+ calories less than your BMR.

Endomorph Examples: Eddie Hall and girl below

maxresdefault three-body-types-endomorph

Other Body Types:

These are the three most common body types. There are people who fit multiple body types. We call them Ecto-Mesomorphs and Meso-Endmorphs.

Ecto-Mesomorphs: Very lean, lots of muscle.

Ecto-Mesomorphs have the best body style in my opinion. They typically are lean year round but hold a ton of muscle. They typically have average shoulder width with a ton of muscle. Typically keeps fat levels low year round.

Ecto-Mesomorph Examples: Dana Linn Bailey and Sadik Hadzovic

images        sadik-jeans2

Meso-Endomorphs: Huge, lots of muscle, and wide.

Meso-Endomorphs are born big and muscular. Typically have wider waist and shoulders, retain some fat, but have lots of muscle.

Meso-Endomorphs Examples: Markus Ruhl and Valerie Adams

16h9g0i   valerie_2309571b

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My Favorite Fat Loss Tips Volume #1

My Favorite Fat Loss Tips: Volume #1

I get asked all the time for hacks and secrets to fat loss. There really isn’t any miracles that will make you skinny tomorrow, but there are some tips and tricks I give my clients that I am going to share with you for free today! Some of these are tips and tricks that I came up with through my health journey, and some are ones that I picked up from articles and other trainers.


#1. Chew bubble gum for appetite suppression. Whenever you are dieting and hungry, chew some sugar free bubble gum!

Weight Loss Benefits of Chewing Gum. Research from the University of Rhode Island showed that people who chewed gum consumed 68 fewer calories at lunch and did not compensate by eating more later in the day. Chewing gum also helped the study participants satisfy their cravings and resist fattening treats.


#2. Drink water for appetite suppression. Whenever you are dieting and hungry, drink a glass of water!

“We are presenting results of the first randomized controlled intervention trial demonstrating that increased water consumption is an effective weight loss strategy,” said Brenda Davy, Ph.D., senior author on the study. “We found in earlier studies that middle aged and older people who drank two cups of water right before eating a meal ate between 75 and 90 fewer calories during that meal. In this recent study, we found that over the course of 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before meals, three times per day, lost about 5 pounds more than dieters who did not increase their water intake.”


#3. Spicy foods burn fat. Feel the Burn!

You’ve tried every other weight loss supplement. Now try capsaicin. A recent study presented at the Biophysical Society’s Annual Meeting suggests consuming chili peppers can aid in weight loss by way of thermogenics, the process of creating heat from burning fat. After adding capsaicin to the high-fat diet of mice, researchers from the University of Wyoming found that capsaicin prevented weight gain by turning on thermogenesis in the body. 1st Phorm uses capsicin in their Bliss and Commander supplements!


#4. Don’t eliminate carbs, eat them around your activities to lose weight! Eat carbs when you wake up and before/after training!

Read more: 

#5.  High protein diets retain muscle and help you look better faster! High protein diets help you retain muscle while losing fat. Muscle is sexy.


#6. Save money and eat healthier by replacing one unhealthy meal with a protein shake! 1st Phorm’s Level-1 Protein has less than 140 calories and 24 grams of high octane protein!  Only $1.67 a meal!

#7. Meal planning saves you money and keeps your diet in check! Plan your meals a week in advance. Grilled chicken and a salad will cost you less than $2.50 a day if you make it yourself. Healthy crock pot meals will help you save money also!

#8. Coffee will help you lose weight and is a great pre-workout! Many studies have shown coffee to help suppress the appetite, increase thermogenesis, and increase energy!

In addition to its appetite-controlling effect, coffee may increase your rate of calorie burn. According to a study from a 2006 edition of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” coffee’s caffeine content may elicit a slight boost in thermogenesis and fat oxidation.


#9. Walking good, jogging better, running best! Studies have shown that for maximum weight loss, a mixture of sprints, jogging, and walking will show the most results!

If you’re trying to lose fat, it’s pretty clear that HIIT is a more effective tool than long-distance cardio,” Robertson says.

#10. Weight Lifting + Cardio increases weight loss! Lifting weights 3-5 times a week with cardio will increase weight loss!

Other studies, with a more intense exercise protocol, have shown that weight training before cardio training enhances fat burning during the session2, and that overall resting energy expenditure is increased following weight training.3 These studies indicate that fat-burning is indeed elevated when it comes to resistance training, especially when the workouts are intense enough. (


Like, Love, or Hate my ideas? Sound off below!

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