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Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Results (2017)


The Arnold Sports Festival has finished and we have a NEW Arnold Classic Champion.

Men’s Bodybuilding Open Results:

6. Fouad Abaid: Fouad looked really good. He tore his quad in prep and it hurt his symmetry. Great showing.

5. Juan Morel: Top half great, bottom half disappeared a bit.

4. Lionel Beyeke: Needed about 3-4 more weeks of dieting to come in hard as nails and could have won this whole thing. He is always just a hair off. Great structure.

3. Maxx Charles: He was my dark horse if you read my Arnold Predictions. He looked amazing. Great job Maxx!

2. Dallas McCarver: Dallas started working with Chad Nichols during prep, the same Chad Nicholas that pushed Ronnie Coleman to 7 Olympia titles. Dallas looked good but at 26 years old, he needs more time to get that muscle maturity that wins major championships.

1. Cedric McMillan: Cedric deserved the night. Cedric looked amazing. Tight waist, great conditioning, and bigger than ever. I couldn’t be happier for Cedric!

If you haven’t watched his speech after his win, you need to. He is inspiring.




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Other winners:

Ahmad Ashkanani won the 212 Championship although I would have gave the edge to David Henry, who’s back was an anatomy chart for muscles, tendons, and other freaky things. Ahmad is the future of the 212. I don’t know how he makes weight.


Oksana Grishina competes in her final Arnold Classic Fitness and mesmerizes the crowd with win.

Angelica Teixeira wins Bikini International!

Ryan Terry – 2017 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion

Candice Lewis – 2017 Figure International Champion

Daniely Castilho – 2017 Arnold Classic Women’s Physique Champion

Brian Shaw conquers The Mountain for the Arnold Strongman Title!


Thank you for reading!


Dustin Holston

Sports Nutritionist/Personal Trainer




Arnold Classic 2017 Predictions



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Arnold Classic 2017 Predictions and Where to Watch it for Free!

Image result for arnold classic 2017

Live Stream Information:

Pro Bodybuilding Invite List:

Fouad Abiad
Lionel Beyeke
Maxx Charles
Vitaly Fateev
Will Harris
Michael Lockett
Dallas McCarver
Cedric McMillan
Juan Morel
Luke Sandoe


My Top 5

5. Juan Morel: Juan is looking insane a few days before the Arnold. Definitely could be anywhere in the top 5! 


4. Fouad Abiad: Fouad is in excellent conditioning but did tear his quad. He works with John Meadows so you know he will be ready. 


3. Lionel Beyeke: I think Lionel has better genetics and look than Dallas and Cedric but hasn’t peaked conditioning yet (other than the Arnold Brazil where he got screwed a few years ago). If he peaks, he wins. Hands down. However, if he is soft, he could finish last. 


2. Dallas McCarver: Dallas works with Chad Nicholls. Do you know the name, you should. He worked with Flex Wheeler and a guy named Ronnie Coleman in the 90’s and 2000’s. Dallas will weigh 295 when he stands on stage on Saturday. Dallas could easily win the whole thing. 


Champion: Cedric McMillan. I am predicting Cedric Mcmillan as the champion as long as he nails his conditioning. I am a bit nervous with this prediction because Cedric recently stated that he is 25 pounds heavier this year than last year. Cedric doesn’t need to play the size game. If he is too big, he will get crushed by Dallas and some of the others. 



Dark horse: Maxx Charles has the death face at the Arnold expo which normally means that the conditioning will be insane. He could easily slide into the top 3 if people are off.


Thank you for reading,


Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

2017 Arnold Classic Invite List

Who’s Competing at the 2017 Arnold Classic?

Cardio and Weights knows!

IFBB Men’s Open Bodybuilding



Fouad Abiad
Lionel Beyeke
Maxx Charles
Vitaly Fateev
Will Harris
Michael Lockett
Dallas McCarver
Cedric McMillan
Juan Morel
Luke Sandoe

Image result for cedric mcmillan

Cedric McMillan can win this if he keeps everything tight

Summary: Look for a tightly contested race between Dallas McCarver, Cedric McMillan, and Lionel Beyeke. Fouad Abiad and Juan Morel are my dark horses. 

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding


Ahmad Ashkanani
Guy Cisternino
Charles Dixon
David Henry
Manual Manchado
Jose Raymond
Mitchell Staats
Zane Watson
Quincy Winklaar
Kyong Won Kang
Hidetada Yamagishi

Summary: Look at Hidetada Yamagishi to repeat, however Jose Raymond, Guy, and David will be up there. Dark horse is Zane Watson and Ahmad Ashkanani. 

2016 Mr. Olympia Qualifiers (Qualification Series)


2016 Mr. Olympia Qualifiers and Point Standings:

Qualifiers: Justin Compton, Victor Martinez, Ben Pakulski, Dallas McCarver, William Bonac, Nathan DeAsha, Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Steve Kuclo, Josh Lenartowicz, Kevin Levrone, Cedric McMillan, Lukas Osladil, Shawn Rhoden, Roelly Winklaar, Dennis Wolf, Akim Williams.

Note: Kai Greene, Branch Warren, and Dennis Wolf is not expected to compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia

Top 5 in the points standings will automatically qualify for the Mr. Olympia:

Point Standings: Ronny Rockel-16,  Michael Lockett-12, Maxx Charles-11, Lionel Beyeke- 8,  Branch Warren-8,  Brandon Curry-7, Alexis Rivera-6, Rafael Jaramillo-5, Juan Morel-5,  Fred Smalls- 5, Johnnie Jackson-4, Vitaly Fateev-4, Kenneth Jackson- 4, Jose Raymond-4,  Fouad Abiad- 3, Michael Kafalianos-3, Essa Obiad-3, Robert Piotrkowicz-3, Abdulhadi Al-Khayat – 3, Kevin Jordan- 3,

2016 Results Through the First Half of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Year:

2016 Levrone Pro Classic

Champion: Cedric McMillan
2nd: Josh Lenartowicz
3rd: Branch Warren

2016 Arnold Classic:

Champion: Kai Greene
2nd: Cedric Mcmillan
3rd: Josh Lenartowicz

2016 Arnold Australia:

Champion: Kai Greene
2nd: Cedric McMillan
3rd: Justin Compton

2016 Arnold Brazil:

Champion: Kai Greene
2nd: Juan Morel
3rd: Lionel Beyeke

2016 Bodypower:

Champion: Roelly Winklaar
2nd: Nathan DeAsha
3rd: Michael Kafalianos

2016 New York Pro:

Champion: Dexter Jackson
2nd: Roelly Winklaar
3rd: Victor Martinez

2016 Arnold South Africa:

Champion: Dexter Jackson
2nd: Roelly Winklaar
3rd: Lionel Beyeke

2016 California Pro:

Champion: Steve Kuclo
2nd: Nathan DeAsha
3rd:  Essa Obaid

2016 Toronto Pro:

Champion: Nathan DeAsha
2nd:  Maxx Charles
3rd: Fouad Abiad

2016 Chicago Pro Show:

Champion: Dallas McCarver
2nd: Michael Lockett
3rd: Brandon Curry

 2016 Vancouver Pro Show:

Champion: Ben Pakulski
2nd: Brandon Curry
3rd: Fred Smalls

2016 Baltimore Pro

Champion: Victor Martinez
2nd: Akim Williams
3rd:  Michael Lockett

2016 Tampa Pro

Champion: Akim Williams
2nd: Alexis Rivera
3rd: Abdulhadi Al-Khayat

2016 Golden State Pro

Champion: Justin Compton
2nd: Michael Lockett
3rd: Kevin Jordan

Who Will Win the 2016 Arnold Classic?


If you read my 2015 Arnold Classic prediction you saw that I hit the nail on the head and predicted Dexter Jackson to win his 5th Arnold Classic. I predicted the remaining top 5, but had them out of order. Branch Warren surprised many and pushed Dexter.  Dexter will not be competing, so we will not have a repeat champion!

I will be at the 2016 Arnold Classic and will be posting photos and result analysis.

Who will win the 2016 Arnold Classic?

The surprise of the year happened when Kai Greene put his hat into the ring. Kai hasn’t competed at the Arnold since 2010. He has won 2 and is looking for #3. Kai is the odds on favorite, but who will win the 2016 Arnold Classic?

#1. Kai Greene

No one really knows the condition Kai Greene is currently in. The photos and videos he has posted has shown him in a hoodie. If he comes into the condition and size he is known for, no one can beat him.

#2. Justin Compton

Last year I picked him to be second, and I will keep him at second this year. Justin Compton is the future of bodybuilding. He is still young. It is scary because he keeps growing. If anyone on stage can compete with Kai’s size, it is Justin.


#3. Cedric McMillan

Cedric didn’t have a very good 2015. He dropped out of the Mr. Olympia at the last minute, and struggled getting in shape in other contests. Cedric has the dream physique and has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s backing, but his conditioning is always a little off.


#4. Evan Centopani

Evan is a top tier bodybuilder, and if he nails his conditioning to match his size, it will vault him into the top 2 or 3. Evan took some time off last year and has been really working on his diet eating quality foods and such. I hope he nails it.


#5. Branch Warren

A couple weeks ago I predicted that Branch Warren will fall off this year. I actually had Josh Lenartowicz at #4. I think Branch will finish in the top 5 in the Arnold, but do believe he is on the downside.

Dark Horses:

  • Josh Lenartowicz has the size and conditioning to be in the top 4. Just hasn’t competed against the best of the best yet.
  • Johnnie Jackson has looked really good in prep pictures. Johnnie is a humble dude and one of my favorite bodybuilders.
  • Fouad Abiad is a top tier bodybuilder but from prep pictures I’m not sure if he will be ready.
  • Toney Freeman is the king of social media pictures. He would win every competition if it was online. His conditioning is insane right now, but I’m not sure how it will look in Columbus. Toney turns 50 this year and I want him to compete in the Olympia.

Not Ready Yet:

  • Cody Montgomery is the youngest Mr. USA in history. His conditioning is top notch but doesn’t have the size yet to compete with the big dogs.


2016 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Predictions

mainbanner2016 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Predictions

You may have read my 2015 edition where my predictions were near perfect . Dexter won his 5th Arnold Classic. Justin Compton finished top 3 at the Arnold, Kai Greene finished outside the top 2 at the Mr. Olympia (Okay, he didn’t show), Phil Heath won #5, and William Bonac finished 8th.

Predictions for 2016:

Kai Greene will win the 2016 Arnold Classic


Kai Greene didn’t compete at the 2015 Mr. Olympia because he didn’t sign the damn contract. Kai Greene will take advantage of the fairly strong 2016 Arnold Classic lineup and win. He will then go to the Mr. Olympia and finish in the top 3.

Josh Lenartowicz will finish top 10 at the Mr. Olympia


This guy is an animal and came out of nowhere. He is from Australia and has the mass and conditioning to compete with anyone.

Arnold Classic Top 5

  1. Kai Greene
  2. Justin Compton
  3. Cedric McMillan
  4. Josh Lenartowicz
  5. Evan Centopani

The Rise and Fall of Branch Warren


Branch had a great year in 2015. I was actually at the Charlotte Pro Show where he won his first pro competition. I’m a huge fan, but I think this will be the year he starts to regress. Too many injuries in his great career will start taking a toll on his placings.

Dexter Jackson will win the 2016 New York Pro


Dexter is one of my all-time favorites. With a win at the 2016 New York Pro, he will surpass Ronnie Coleman as the winner of the most pro competitions ever. Dexter will also move on to the Olympia where he will finish again in the top 5.

Sergio Oliva Jr. will compete in his first pro competition this summer and win


I think that Sergio is ready for the big time after winning his pro card last year. Sergio has size and conditioning to win at mid-level shows.

Cody Montgomery, not ready yet…


I am a huge fan of this kid. His conditioning and style reminds me of some of the greats. I think with the current bodybuilding judging mindset, Cody will be penalized for not being big and thick enough to compete with the elder-statesman of the league. I think Cody can compete in mid-level shows, but will need a few more years to win a coveted title.

Phil Heath will win #6, but the competition is closing in…


Phil will win his sixth title this coming September, but the people behind him will start pushing. I think Cedric, Compton, and Big Ramy will be pushing Phil, while others will start falling.


Like or love my summary? Sound off below.



Thank you,
Dustin Holston
Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist


2015 Bodybuilder of the Year Awards

This is Team Nutrition Train’s 1st Bodybuilders of the Year Awards where the winners get absolutely nothing but the prestige and honor of winning this such lowly award.


The categories:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Surprise of the Year
  • Disappointment of the Year
  • NPC Bodybuilder of the Year
  • Pro Bodybuilder of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Nominees: Dallas McCarver, Kim Jun Ho, Michael Lockett

Winner: Dallas McCarver

Dallas is the new X-Frame that bodybuilding desperately needs. While Cedric can’t get into shape, and Toney Freeman is running out of time, Dallas is young and is still growing.


Surprise of the Year: 

Nominees: Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren, William Bonac

Winner: Dexter Jackson1874-dexter-jackson-237_final

Branch came back gnarly and shredded in 2015, William Bonac is the new giant killer, but Dexter wins Surprise of the Year. Dexter won the Arnold for his record fifth time, then finished second to only Phil Heath in the 2015 Mr. Olympia.

Disappointment of the Year:

Nominees: Cedric McMillian (for failing to get in shape), Kai Greene (for failing to sign a document to compete in the O), Zane Watson (Arrested)

Winner: Kai Greene

Sigh, the pictures heading into the O showed Kai Greene primed and ready to take on Phil, but unfortunately the documents were never signed and Kai did not compete at the Mr. Olympia. Many say that he was “banned”, in which he was not. He was given a document to sign and it didn’t get signed. It was probably over negotiations of his likeness, his new supplement line, or who knows what. Overall he was a huge disappointment to his fans.


NPC Bodybuilder of the Year:

Nominees: Cody Montgomery, Sergio Olivia Jr.

Winner: Cody Montgomery

Although Sergio looked great getting his pro card, Cody Montgomery is on a roll! 3 x Teen USA, Youngest Mr. USA in history, Cody has steamrolled the competition and expects to make his 2016 debut soon.


Pro Bodybuilder of the Year:

Nominees: Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Flex Lewis, Jose Raymond

Winner: Dexter Jackson

I can hear people say “but Phil won?”. Phil did win, but he competed only once. Dexter is in his mid-40’s and won the Arnold Classic for the 5th time, and finished 2nd at the Mr. Olympia, 7 years after winning his only Mr. O. Phil winning his 5th Olympia is impressive and puts him 1 behind Dorian Yates, 2 behind Arnold, and 3 behind Ronnie and Lee.