2015 Bodybuilder of the Year Awards

This is Team Nutrition Train’s 1st Bodybuilders of the Year Awards where the winners get absolutely nothing but the prestige and honor of winning this such lowly award.


The categories:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Surprise of the Year
  • Disappointment of the Year
  • NPC Bodybuilder of the Year
  • Pro Bodybuilder of the Year

Rookie of the Year

Nominees: Dallas McCarver, Kim Jun Ho, Michael Lockett

Winner: Dallas McCarver

Dallas is the new X-Frame that bodybuilding desperately needs. While Cedric can’t get into shape, and Toney Freeman is running out of time, Dallas is young and is still growing.


Surprise of the Year: 

Nominees: Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren, William Bonac

Winner: Dexter Jackson1874-dexter-jackson-237_final

Branch came back gnarly and shredded in 2015, William Bonac is the new giant killer, but Dexter wins Surprise of the Year. Dexter won the Arnold for his record fifth time, then finished second to only Phil Heath in the 2015 Mr. Olympia.

Disappointment of the Year:

Nominees: Cedric McMillian (for failing to get in shape), Kai Greene (for failing to sign a document to compete in the O), Zane Watson (Arrested)

Winner: Kai Greene

Sigh, the pictures heading into the O showed Kai Greene primed and ready to take on Phil, but unfortunately the documents were never signed and Kai did not compete at the Mr. Olympia. Many say that he was “banned”, in which he was not. He was given a document to sign and it didn’t get signed. It was probably over negotiations of his likeness, his new supplement line, or who knows what. Overall he was a huge disappointment to his fans.


NPC Bodybuilder of the Year:

Nominees: Cody Montgomery, Sergio Olivia Jr.

Winner: Cody Montgomery

Although Sergio looked great getting his pro card, Cody Montgomery is on a roll! 3 x Teen USA, Youngest Mr. USA in history, Cody has steamrolled the competition and expects to make his 2016 debut soon.


Pro Bodybuilder of the Year:

Nominees: Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Flex Lewis, Jose Raymond

Winner: Dexter Jackson

I can hear people say “but Phil won?”. Phil did win, but he competed only once. Dexter is in his mid-40’s and won the Arnold Classic for the 5th time, and finished 2nd at the Mr. Olympia, 7 years after winning his only Mr. O. Phil winning his 5th Olympia is impressive and puts him 1 behind Dorian Yates, 2 behind Arnold, and 3 behind Ronnie and Lee.


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