2015 Mr. Olympia Preview

The 2015 Mr. Olympia is fast approaching! Will Phil win #5? Kai Greene Banned? Will Big Ramy peak? Will Cedric peak? Can the Big Bad Wolf win it? Can old man Dexter win? Who could surprise us?

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The 2015 Mr. Olympia is coming from Las Vegas and will be aired exclusively through FlexOnline.com brought to you by Amazon on September 18th and 19th!

The stories this year have been crazy! Kai Greene is not doing the Olympia! Why? Because he didn’t sign the damn contract. There has been a lot of stories floating around, but the moral of the story is to sign the contract when you get it! Kai had the contract in hand for 5 months and never signed it. He also wanted special privileges and a free booth for his new supplement line. I would not be surprised if Kai shows up at the last minute and is allowed to compete!

Does Phil have any real competition now that Kai is out? Can Big Ramy peak? Can old man Dexter show up and compete? Can the big bad Wolf or Shawn Rhoden surprise? Will there be any young guns surprise?

Note: I think this field has some of the most talent of any Olympia the last 10 years. Many people outside my top 10 could easily make the top 7 or 8 if they are on the money. Fouad Abiad, William Bonac, Maxx Charles, Jonathan Delarosa, Johnnie Jackson, Dallas McCarver, Essa Obaid, Ronny Rockel, and Roelly Winklaar have top 10 talent.


Abiad, Fouad Canada
Bannout, Mohamad Ali Lebanon
Bonac, William Netherlands
Charles, Maxx USA
Compton, Justin* (not competing) USA
Curry, Brandon USA
Delarosa, Jonathan USA
Elssbiay, Mamdouh Egypt
Greene, Kai USA
Heath, Phil USA
Jackson, Dexter USA
Jackson, Johnnie USA
Jellali, Abdelaziz Morocco
Kuclo, Steve USA
Lockett, Michael USA
Martinez, Victor Dominican Republic
McMillan, Cedric USA
McCarver, Dallas USA
Morel, Juan USA
Obaid, Essa UAE
Piotrkowicz, Robert Poland
Rhoden, Shawn USA
Rockel, Ronny Germany
Rowe, Brad USA
Smalls, Fred USA
Warren, Branch USA
Winklaar, Roelly (Egberton) Curacao
Wolf, Dennis Germany

My 2015 Predictions (note, I’m only considering people who have confirmed to participate).

10. Dallas McCarver

9. Juan Morel

8. Branch Warren

7. Steve Kuclo

6. Cedric McMillan

5. Shawn Rhoden

4. Dexter Jackson

3. Big Ramy (Mamdouh Elssbiay)

2. Dennis Wolf

Champion: Phil Heath

Big Surprise for the future: Someone from outside the top 10 this year, will crack the top 6 next year. I know this is really vague, but Dennis Wolf, Shawn Rhoden, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, and Dexter Jackson are aging fast. There are many young guns (including Justin Compton) who can could crack the top 6 next year. I’d put my money on Justin Compton, Fouad Abiad, or Maxx Charles.

Another Big Surprise: Cedric making a stab towards top 6. I could have Cedric at any place between 3-15 depending on conditioning. His new complain is his thick skin, but I just don’t know. If he brings it tighter than ever, he could be top 3.

Shocker #1: Victor Martinez falls out of the top 10. Victor is looking older and older each competition. He is a talented bodybuilder but I think he will fall out of the top 10.

Shocker #2: Roelly outside the top 10 for the second year in the row. Roelly has the biggest arms in the game, but his conditioning has been god-awful the last 12 months. If he is on, he could be top 6, but look for him to be outside the top 10 again.

Dark Horse #1: Dallas McCarver. Dallas has the small joints and x-frame that we look for. He can also bring his conditioning in. If he peaks, he could fall in the top 8.

Dark Horse #2:  Ronny Rockel. Ronny is one of my favorite bodybuilders over the last decade. He isn’t the biggest, but is a very solid bodybuilder. He could surprise and make the top 10.

Dark Horse #3: William Bonac. William Bonac is one of my favorite bodybuilders right now. Bonac is a freak. Most people think of Markus Ruhl when they think of freak, but don’t count out Bonac because he is short. He has as much muscle as anyone. Judges tend to judge him harder than others because of his height, but muscle to muscle, he could fall in the top 8.


Kai is looking huge, but is not competing!


William Bonac is shredded!

Like my predictions? Hate my predictions? Voice your opinion below!

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