2015 Mr. Olympia 212 Showdown Preview

The 2015 Mr. Olympia is coming from Las Vegas and will be aired exclusively through FlexOnline.com brought to you by Amazon on September 18th and 19th!

Jose Raymond

Although many of you are overly excited about the Open Class (Phil Heat, Dennis Wolf, Big Ramy), the 212 competitors, in my opinion showcase the best of conditioning.

Will Flex Lewis win #4? Can Jose Raymond take the crown? Can Guy Cisternino, Aaron Clark, Eduardo Correa, David Henry, or someone else surprise?

Also keep Baito Abbasour in your thoughts, he lost his battle with an illness last month and passed away.

Here is the list of Qualifiers: 

Abbaspour, Baito Iran
Adzievski, Oliver Sweden
Ahmad, Ahmad Iraq
Almohsinawi, Khalid Kuwait
Auguste, Al USA
Cambal, Marian Slovakia
Cambronero, Alejandro USA
Cisternino, Guy USA
Clarida, Shaun USA
Clark, Aaron USA
Correa, Eduardo Brazil
Delev, Dobromir Bulgaria
Dixon, Charles USA
Henry, David USA
Jackson, Tricky USA
Kim, Jun Ho Korea
Kang, Kyung Won Korea
Lewis, Flex Swansea, Wales
Raymond, Jose USA
Richardson, Craig USA
Rivera, Marco USA
Watson, Zane Canada
Yamagishi, Hidetada Japan

Top 6:

6. Aaron Clark

5. David Henry

4. Hidetada Yamagishi

3. Guy Cisternino

2. Jose Raymond

Champion: Flex Lewis

Charles Dixon

Dark Horses: Jun Ho Kim has a tiny waist and has a true x frame in the 212 division. Craig Richardson could be fighting for a top 5 place if he brings his “A” game. Charles Dixon will be the biggest of the 212 pounders, and if his condition is on, look for him to finish in the top 5.

Like my picks? Hate my picks? Sound off below!

Lift Heavy My Friends,

Dustin Holston

Certified Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist


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