Best ABS in Bodybuilding History

mainbannerWho has the best abs in Bodybuilding History? You will see some legendary names such as Frank Zane, but also some guys you may not have heard of. This is my top 10 list!


Honorable Mention: Lee Priest, Mohamed Makkawy, Premchand Dogra, Darrem Charles


 10. Chris Cormier

A massive 250 Pound Bodybuilder

 9. Flex Wheeler

In 1993 he was at his greatest.

8.  Lee Lebrada

Lee Labrada95.jpg
Lee had a tiny waist.

7. Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray- INSANE

6. Bob Paris

Killer abs and one of the best posers of all time.

5.  Milos Sarcev

Another Great Poser.

4. Thierry Pastel

Tiny, tiny, tiny waist.

3. Frank Zane

Master of the vacuum and only Mr. Olympia winner on the list.

2. Serge Nubret

2000 sit-ups a day…

Best Ever:

Ahmad Haidar

download (1)
Never won a pro show, finished 2nd twice, but the best abs of all time go to Mr. Haidar.


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