Maria Sharapova Tested Positive for Meldonium

Maria Sharapova states at her press conference that she failed a drug test because of a drug she has been taking  10 years due to a deficiency of magnesium, family history of diabetes, and an abnormal EKG.


What the hell is Meldonium?


Meldonium is used in Russia and Lithuania for patients suffering from neurological issues, seizures, and diabetes. Maybe she needs to be put on a drug similar to this because of medical history. Many people are using this drug as a nootropic, or a drug to help enhance memory and function. Could Maria being taking it to increase reflexes and cognitive function? Possible, but.. Studies on Boars show that Meldonium has shown increases in sexual performance and increases in Testosterone Concentrations. 

Could this legal (up until 2016) drug be used to take advantage of small increases of testosterone that wouldn’t fail a drug test, and also increase mental capabilities such as reaction times and hitting a tennis ball? Could be…



Dustin Holston
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