Rest Between Sets: How Much is Needed?


How much rest is needed between sets?

This isn’t an easy answer. The easiest way to formulate an answer is to determine what are your goals.

Strength vs. Hypertrophy (size)

When strength training, you should be focusing on 1 of 2 outcomes: To become stronger or to get bigger muscles. Although there are some correlation between the two, it isn’t direct.

Let’s look at the above photo. On the left, Eddie Hall, one of the world strongest men and holder of the record for the most weight ever deadlifted. On the right is Big Ramy, a top 6 bodybuilder in the world. Eddie Hall focuses on strength training to maximize effort in short bursts (one rep maxes, etc.) while Big Ramy focuses on hypertrophy and the maximum amount of growth for the muscle.

Rest to Gain Strength:

Studies have shown that when lifting 50%-90% of one rep max, rest 3-5 minutes between sets to maximize strength. This break also had benefits of reducing injury when lifting heavy weight. 

Rest to Gain Muscle:

To promote hypertrophy, resting between 30-60 seconds with moderate rep schemes were optimal (8-15 reps). This also allowed you to maximize the effects of Growth Hormone. 

Nutrition to Maximize Effects of Both:

Whether you are training for strength or size, quality nutrition and supplementation can add quality muscle and strength gains. MegaWatt V2 by 1st Phorm is a great supplement to get you ready for the gym. This preworkout includes doses of creatine, beta alanine,  agmatine sulfate, caffeine, and more to get your ready for the gym. Post workout nutrition such as Ignition + Phormula-1 will help your muscles grow and repair post workout by feeding carbs, protein, and amino acids to the muscles.

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What works for you?

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