How to beat DAD BOD…

Dad Bod is a phenomenon. Twitter, Instagram, news outlets, and more have articles posting about Dad Bod. Are we all destined to be stuck with Dad Bod? Or is Dad Bod a product of a casual and lazy lifestyle? Should we accept Dad Bod or fight it?

FIGHT DAD BOD!!!! World War Dad Bod

hot-dad-bod-600x377Here’s the deal: I want everyone to be happy with the way they look. If you are satisfied with your appearance, please close your browser and do not read below. 

Work sucks, life sucks, get married, have kids, buy a house, all of these things add stress and take away free time to care about yourself. How do we find time to fight “Dad Bod” when we have so much stuff on our plates?

Nutrition + Training + Supplements= No Dad Bod


Everyone talks about how hard it is to eat healthy. It is true that you have to be a bit more dedicated to eat healthy, but eating healthy saves me money! I don’t eat out while I’m at work, and I eat great and tasty meals that I prepare for the week. A tool I use is this BMR CALCULATOR. I attempt to eat 300-500 calories less than my BMR when I’m trying to cut weight.

Sample Meal Plan:

1. Sensible breakfast: Banana + Protein Shake

2. Snacks: Almonds (unflavored, raw)

3. Lunch Options:

Grilled Chicken Salad 

White Beans

Healthy Chili

Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat bread

4. Healthy Dinner:

Lean cut of meat (4-6 oz) + Whole Grain Rice or Sweet Potato + Broccoli/Corn/Cauliflower/Green beans

5. Post workout shake with healthy carbs and protein: 

I like to use Ignition and Phormula-1. You can buy it here and receive free shipping and discount. 


Working a 9 to 5 and having a family makes it difficult to find time to train. Here are my solutions…

1. 30 Minute Jog 3 times per week

2. Leg day consisting of 3 sets of squats, 3 sets of leg exentions, 3 sets of hamstring curls, and 3 sets of calves

3. Arms and Shoulders Day (5 sets of shoulder presses, 5 sets of alternating bicep curls, 5 sets of rope triceps extensions)

4. Chest day consisting of 5 sets of bench press, 5 sets of inclined dumbbell bench press + ABS

5. Back day consisting of 5 sets of lat pulldowns and 5 sets of seated cable rows 


Supplements are great to help maximize results with proper training and nutrition.

1. Commander Go Pack + M-Factor: This will help you burn fat 24 hours a day. Commander shreds fat, Thyro-Drive helps optimize thyroid production to burn fat, and Opti-Core helps you sleep and lower cortisol levels. M-Factor is the best vitamin out there to help optimize your body to be better efficient.

2. Post Workout Stack: Read this article to learn more about why post workout nutrition is so important. 

Combining Nutrition + Training + Supplements will help you rid Dad Bod forever! We can win this war against Dad Bod!

Lift Heavy My Friends,
Dustin Holston
1st Phorm
Certified Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

Nutrition and Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, MBA, and Firm Administrator of a Law Firm.

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