Arms That Do Harm- Add 1/2 Inch To Your Arms… Fast

Arms That Do Harm Workout from @NutritionTrain
Hanging horseshoes, violent vascularity, and bulging biceps…


Ladies and gentlemen, with this routine, you are guaranteed to see growth in your biceps and triceps. The key is to hit these muscle groups twice a week, with one day dedicated to “mass” and one day dedicated to “pump”.

Here is my current split:

Monday- Legs (Mass) and Biceps (Mass)

Tuesday- Chest (Mass) and Triceps (Pump)

Wednesday*- Back (Mass) and Shoulders (Mass)

Thursday- Legs (Pump) and Biceps (Pump)

Friday- Chest (Pump) and Triceps (Mass)

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

*Back and Shoulders for the next few months will only be hit once a week to help bring up my lagging body parts.

Biceps Mass Day:arnold-biceps

After completing my leg workout, I grab an inclined dumbbell bench. The goal is to do 8 sets of 8 reps of inclined dumbbell curls. You will want to keep your head back on the bench, and allow your elbows to extend almost straight, and contract the biceps at the top of each rep. You want to do these slow. It doesn’t take much weight. I do these with a buddy so that the only rest I get is during his set. Since biceps are a lagging muscle, I prefer to do them on leg day where GH levels are the highest.

  • Included Dumbbell Curls- 8×8
Biceps Pump Day: 

After completing my other leg day, I will want to do some light biceps work with high reps (12-20 reps). This will get nutrients flowing to your biceps. I would suggest alternating biceps curl, preacher curls, and 1 set of 21’s.

  • Alternating Biceps Curls- 4 x 12
  • Preacher Curls- 4 x 12
  • 21’s- 1 set
Triceps Mass Day:004 Triceps Lee Priest LYING FRENCH PRESS

After completing chest day, I will want to go for the tried and true mass builders for hanging horseshoes. I like doing headbangers, single arm rope extensions, and close grip bench.

  • Headbangers- 4 x 8
  • Close Grip Bench- 4 x 8
  • Single Arm Rope Extensions- 2 x exhaustion
Triceps Pump Day: 

After completing my second chest day, I will want to get a lot of blood flowing into my triceps.  I like to do dips and single arm rope extensions for high reps.

  • Dips- 4 x 15
  • Single Arm Rope Extensions- 4  x 12

Nutrition: You will want to drink plenty of water and take post workout carbohydrates and protein. A solid creatine product and pre-workout can help you get through the exercises.

Summary: This routine has helped me gain 1/2 inch to my arms in the past 2 months. You may hear trainers and articles tell you that you can add “an inch to your arms”, but most of the time it is bogus. Try this routine for two months and see the results. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.  “Eat right, train right, look right.”

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