Mr. Olympia Finals Review

Not to brag, but I predicted 9 out of the top 10 in my previous post about the 2014 Mr. Olympia. That being said, I don’t necessarily agree with 100% of the judges scoring. Here is their top 16 vs. my top 17.


1. Phil Heath
2. Kai Greene
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Branch Warren
7. Big Ramy
8. Victor Martinez
9. Steve Kuclo
10. Juan Morel
11. Johnny Jackson
12. Roelly Winklaar
13. Fred Smalls
14. Jon Delarosa
15. William Bonac
16. Ibrahim Fahim
16. Jojo Ntiforo
My Top 17:
1. Phil Heath– Huge muscle bellies and genetically “gifted” compared to the others. His genetics allow him to have an off night and still finish #1.
2. Kai Greene– Kai looked amazing. His conditioning was spot on, but Phil is structurally better.
3. Shawn Rhoden– Tiny waist, the new X-Man. Fantastic showing
4. Dennis Wolf– Dennis looked great, but not good enough to take the crown. Great showing.
5. Dexter Jackson– Dexter looked amazing with the extra muscle, but could have been a tad bit more tight.
6. Branch Warren– Probably the best conditioning of the show. Yes Branch has some flaws, but he was vascular and dry.
7. Big Ramy– HUGE and best he has ever looked, but still needs to come in drier.
8. Victor Martinez– Looked great, waist needs to be tighter in side shots.
9. Steve Kuclo– Fantastic showing. Never been a huge fan, but he looked very good.
10. Juan Morel
11. William Bonac– The giant killer was slightly off, but the judges were wrong for listing him as #14.
12. Johnny Jackson– Johnny looked huge up top but his legs are diminishing. Needs to be crisper.
13. Fred Smalls– Fred needs to be more conditioned.
14. Jon Delarosa– Needs more back to compete, needs to be better conditioned.
15. Ibrahim Fahim– The guy is a freak. Really a monster, just needs better conditioning. I’m excited for his future.
16. Jojo Ntiforo– Just came in off.
17. Roelly Winklaar– Roelly is a great bodybuilder with the best arms in the business, but he was way off. Should have been last.


Overall I think that the judges got the top 10 right, and in the right order. Of course this is just my personal opinion. I think Phil did have an off night, but I didn’t see him losing to Kai, Shawn, or Dennis.
I’m excited for next year. I think Justin Compton and Cedric McMillan could have been top 8 this year, while Ben Pakulski could have also done some damage.


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