Lebron James eliminated carbs, sugar, and dairy?

A recent article from yahoo! mentions that Lebron James lost a “ton” of weight this summer by eliminating “carbs, sugar, and dairy” from his diet for 67 days. He then mentions that he only ate “meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables“.

Does anyone see the ignorance of this statement? The most glaring item is that he didn’t eliminate carbohydrates or sugar from his diet.  Fruits and vegetables both contain natural sugars and fiber. You can’t make the statement that you eliminated carbohydrates and sugar from your diet when you didn’t. I know that King James was referring to grains and processed sugars, but that isn’t what he said. When you have the following that Lebron has, you cannot make statements that could be detrimental to an extremely large fan base. His weight loss has been a trending topic on countless news and social media sites and may give people the wrong idea on how to effectively lose weight.

Fully eliminating a food group is not something that I would recommend to any of my clients. Whole grains provide great complex carbohydrates and fiber that the body needs. Dairy is a great source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. The reason that King James lost weight wasn’t because he eliminated dairy and grains, it is because he ate fewer calories. The formula for weight loss is simple:


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