The Quest for 6% Body Fat Part V- Set backs continue

The first three weeks of my diet was going well. I was lean, I was still lifting heavy weight, and I was feeling good. Last week I got a nasty viral infection that gave me a fever, and still has been congested. I still went to the gym and kept up with my diet throughout. Although still feeling rough, I was hitting it hard this week, mixing in some cardio with my workouts.

Then boom, I hurt my back. I was training a client making sure he used proper deadlift form when I went to put 225 back on a rack (about shin level). Of course, talking about good form, and making sure you use good form are two different things! I felt it instantly, tingling down my leg, severe pain on my lower left side of my back. To make matters worse, I already have some degenerative discs in my back. I will be off to the chiropractor tomorrow.

Overall I am still watching my diet, I’m eating a high protein, but lower calorie diet. I’m eating fish, chicken, and a bit of red meat here and there. I’ve thrown in some almonds, edamame, and peanut butter also. I’m still leaning out, but very disappointed with the back injury.

Here are some progress pictures after 1 month:

Progress Photos

Wish for me a speedy recovery! Ultimate Warrior is 1 month out!!!

Lift Heavy My Friends,

Dustin Holston

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