Who Will Win the 2014 Mr. Olympia?

The 50th Mr. Olympia

I’ve been a fan of bodybuilding for the last 12 years. I saw the reigns of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler come and go. I saw the surprise of 2008 where Dexter Jackson won. I also have seen the emergence of the new king, Phil Heath. Will Phil win #4? Or will someone surprise the reigning champ?

Top Ten: 

10. Branch Warren: I’ve had the chance to talk to Branch a few times in the mid 2000’s. Branch is grainy and veiny. Unfortunately noticeable injuries have caused his freakish physique to be less aesthetic over the years. He will come in contest shape, but his physical shape will place him around #10.

9. Steve Kuclo: Steve shocked the world by going to Brazil and winning the Arnold Brazil. Steve has a pleasing physique but doesn’t have the size to register much higher than #9 at the Olympia.

8. Victor Martinez: Victor has been around a long time. Victor is among a short list of people who fans claim as an uncrowned Olympian (2007).  Victor looked good enough to win the Tampa Pro this year. Victor will be fighting for the 8th spot at this Mr. Olympia.

7. Roelly Winklaar: Roelly probably has the best triceps development I’ve ever seen. After a motorcycle accident kept him out of multiple events this spring, Roelly qualified for the Olympia by winning the Chicago Pro Show. Roelly will be in the mix and will fall around 7.

6. Shawn Rhoden: Shawn is the next “X Man”. After finishing in 4th Place at Mr. Olympia, Shawn went to the Arnold Classic and capture a 2nd place finish. Shawn finished his spring season by flying to Australia and winning the Australian Pro Show. Shawn has a very pleasing physique but I think will stay out of the top 5 because of the mass monsters ahead.

5. Big Ramy:  Mamdouh Elssbiay, or Big Ramy for short, is the most talked about 8th place finisher of the Mr. Olympia in history. Big Ramy has some of the freakiest genetics I’ve ever witnessed and has the most upside of any competitor in the competition. What Big Ramy lacks is conditioning. He has never came in fully shredded. If he does, then he has the opportunity to finish in the top 3. Big Ramy won the New York Pro Show for the second time after battling a respiratory illness this spring.

4. Dennis Wolf: Dennis Wolf won the 2014 Arnold Classic after finishing in 3rd place at the 2013 Mr. Olympia. I don’t have any real upsets other than I see Dennis falling to 4th. Why? No reason in particular. I think Dennis will bring a fantastic physique and will finish just outside the top 3.

3. Dexter Jackson: Upset alert? Surprise? Dexter Jackson qualified by finishing 5th in the 2013 Mr. Olympia. The 2008 Mr. Olympian looks phenomenal in photos posted in August. Dexter took the spring off to focus on the 2014 Mr. Olympia and added 10-15 pounds of muscle. If the “blade” can come in diced and with 10-15 pounds of more muscle, I think he has a chance at the top 3. Here is a photo posted from August.

2. Kai Greene: After back to back 2nd place finishes at the Mr. Olympia, Kai is pushing harder than ever for the top spot. The problem with Kai is his aesthetics. His stomach is a bit too wide, he doesn’t have protruding traps, and his lower back gets lost any many back poses. Don’t let this fool you, I am a huge fan of the guy. He is a mass monster. If Phil comes in off, Kai has the championship. If Kai comes in off, he could fall 2-3 spots.

1. Phil Heath: I predict Phil will remain Mr. Olympia for another year. Phil has muscle bellies that haven’t been seen since Flex Wheeler and doesn’t have any glaring issues. As long as Phil comes in condition, he will finish with the crown yet again.

Dark Horses: I’m a huge fan of William Bonac. Just because he is short doesn’t mean he isn’t a mass monster. If he comes in diced, I think he can finish in the top 10. I also can say the same about Juan Morel and Jonathan DeLaRosa. If Beyeke comes in shredded, he could also be the talk of the town.

212 Mr. Olympia: I have Flex Lewis winning again, then departing this division to compete in the open in 2015. I see David Henry and my boy Charles Dixon also finishing in the top 3.

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