Most Shredded Bodybuilders…EVER!!!


The Most Shredded Bodybuilders of All Time!

New School Shredded: Phil Heath circa 2011


Phil was shredded at the Mr. Olympia in 2011. 

Freak New School Shred: Branch Warren 2015


Not the most aesthetically pleasing physique but grainy and veiny at Arnold Australia 2015.

2000 Freakshow of Shred: Markus Ruhl circa 2002


How is this even real? I know the lighting was world class but 2002 NOC was insane!

1990’s Sultans of Symmetry: Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler


   Insane Conditioning by Shaw Ray in the early 90’s.


Early 90’s Flex was almost unbeatable…

1980’s Shred: Rich Gaspari


Invented shred to the next level in the late 80’s. 

1970’s Classic and Chiseled: Serge Nubret


Serge was one of the first to bring in extreme conditioning in Arnold’s day.

The King of Shred and Dead: Andreas Munzer

andrewsmunzer1 andreasmunzer2

Andreas died after the 1996 Arnold. Andreas was famous for conditioning and extreme drug regiment to get shredded.


This is a list of my favorite “shredded” bodybuilders of all time. There are others that could have been mentioned, but I wanted to take a few people from the golden age through today to focus on. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Lift Heavy My Friends,

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