High Endurance Heavy Resistance Training

High Endurance Heavy Resistance Training

Lift heavy while increasing cardio endurance? Sounds terrible!


Why this Workout?

A friend (the savage beast Brian) asked me to come up with a workout to help him prep for an ELK hunt in the mountains. If you don’t know much about big game hunting, you can’t just drag it out of the woods like a deer. Not only are you hiking/hunting mountains and miles of wilderness, once you do successfully bag an animal, you will have to take several trips up and back with large cuts from the animal. It isn’t uncommon for someone to carry over 100 pounds for 5-6 miles, each way!

Image result for packing out an elk
This is insanely difficult


This workout will include some powerbuilding moves, some strong man training, and resistance cardio! All of which sounds brutal, because it is!

Monday: Back & Biceps

  • Pulldown 5 sets of 10 
  • Bent over Barbell rows, or Bent Over Dummbell rows 5 sets of 10
  • Farmers Carries with Deadlift Bar or Dumbbells: 30 seconds for 5 sets
  • Deadlifts 5 sets of 5
  • 21’s for 3 sets
  • Inclined Dumbbell biceps curls for 3 sets of 8
  • 20 minutes of 3.5-4.5 cardio with rucksack (add weights)

Tuesday: Chest and Triceps

  • Bench Press 5 sets of 5
  • Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press 3 sets of 8
  • Pec Deck Fly 3 sets of 12
  • Close Grip Bench Press 3 sets of 15
  • Dips 3 sets of 8
  • Head Bangers 3 sets of 10
  • 20 minutes of 3.5-4.5 cardio with rucksack (add weights)

Thursday: Legs

  • Squats 5 sets of 5
  • Walking Lunges 5 sets of 10
  • Stifflegged Deadlifts 5 sets of 5
  • Farmers Carries 5 sets of 30 seconds
  • Seated Calf raises 3 sets of 15
  • Standing Calf Raises 3 sets of 15
  • Leg Extensions 5 sets of 20

Friday: Shoulders/Abs/Cardio

  • Lateral raises 5 sets of 10
  • Frontal Raises 3 sets of 10
  • Shoulder Press 5 sets of 5
  • Face Pulls 3 sets of 15
  • Sled Push 3 sets of 10 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers 3 sets of 30 seconds each
  • Lumberjacks 3 sets of 30 seconds each
  • 20 minutes of 3.5-4.5 cardio with rucksack (add weights)


One Weekend Day: Cardio & Accessory

  • 30 minutes of steady state cardio
  • Forearm Curls 5 sets of 15
  • Plate Pinches 5 sets of 10 seconds
  • 10 minutes of functional stretching to finish workout



The idea of the workout is to get as strong as possible while promoting superior cardiovascular activity. This workout will be traumatic due to the weighted cardio and brutal workouts.

Amino acid replenishment during workouts is suggested. Post workout protein shake with glycogen replenishment is necessary! Fish Oil is recommended!

I suggest BCAA’s, Post Workout Stack, and Full Mega all from 1st Phorm! 



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