The Solution to Binge Eating

The Solution to Binge Eating

Here are scientifically proven ways to stop binge eating forever!
Binge Eating

What is Binge Eating?

Binge eating is the disorder characterized as eating large amounts of food in a short time. Although most of us do this from time to time, the disorder is a little more serious than just “stress eating”. Stress eating is when you reach for food to comfort emotional issues. I know we have all been there, but many of us “stay” there. We have to find the causes of the issues that are causing our binge.

Causes of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is normally caused by your emotions, the bad ones. Typically emotional eating happens when you are stressed, depressed, or angry. You find comfort in the food that you are eating.

Overcoming Emotional Eating

  1.  To overcome emotional eating you must figure out what is the underlying cause of the consumption of food?

    • Are you experiencing depression? Has the symptoms lasted for several weeks? You may want to talk to your doctor.
    • Are you experiencing stress? Is there family or work issues causing your emotional issues? You need to cut them out.
  2. Throw away comfort foods.

    • If you do not have high carb, low nutritional value foods, you are less likely to to consume these unhealthy foods in large amounts
  3. Keep your stomach full

    • Drink 6-8 ounces of water each hour
    • Break up your meals into 7 a day
    • These meals can be snacks, just make sure you don’t feel “hungry” all the time
  4. Fruits, Veggies, Healthy Fats, and Protein will help keep you full

    • Fruits and Veggies are full of fiber, which help keep you full longer
    • Protein and Healthy Fats don’t cause blood sugar crashes, which will keep you feeling fuller.
  5. Supplements can help!

  6. Talk to your doctor if you feel you are binge eating instead of stress eating. There are many medications that can help relieve issues associated with binge eating.



I hope these tips can help you overcome emotional eating and give you the strength to seek help if needed.



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I am not a doctor, the information in this article is informative. Please seek professional medical help before starting any diet or exercise plan.



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