The Science Behind Gaining Mass and Getting Shredded

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(By Jacob Wilson PH.D, reviewed by Dustin Holston, CPT, MBA)

In an article posted on by Jacob Wilson PH.D, we learn the science behind gaining mass and getting shredded. One thing that I always incorporate with my clients is variety. As Dr. Wilson states, it is essential to grow your muscles by all four mechanisms (swelling, tension, trauma, stress). We do this by doing high rep, low rep, high weight, and other trainings to encompass as aspect of muscle growth.

One study that I found extremely interesting is the HIIT running theory that Dr. Wilson proposes.


Many men and women feel that they need to be on the cardio machines for hours for the bodies they want. According to Dr. Wilson, 10-30 second intervals of sprints creates more fat loss than long periods of cardio. This is something that I think everyone should try in their training. What is better than being done with cardio in minutes, and not hours?

This article receives an A+ for breaking down the science behind gaining mass and losing fat. Great job Dr. Wilson. 

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