Greatest Bodybuilders of the 90’s


The 90’s were full of bodybuilders who had size, symmetry, and were completely “peeled”. The 90’s, in my opinion, had some of the greatest physiques of all time because they matched mass with symmetry. To qualify for the list, you had to win at least 1 competition. Here is my top 10 of the 90’s.

1. Dorian Yates


Biggest Win: 1992-1997 Mr. Olympia

Why?: Size, one of the best backs of all time. One of the father’s to 2000’s mass. I met Dorian well after he retired and he is a very humble man. Mass with class! Great conditioning and mass like no one else.

2. Flex Wheeler 


Biggest Wins: 4x Arnold Classic Champion

Why?: Flex is a unique bodybuilder. Early in the 90’s he was known for his symmetry and his conditioning. Later in the 90’s he bulked up, lost a bit of conditioning and symmetry, but still looked great.

3. Ronnie Coleman 


Biggest Wins: Mr. Olympia 1998-2005

Why: Maybe the greatest bodybuilder of all time, Ronnie got his first 2 Olympia’s in the 90’s. Ronnie has some of the greatest back, biceps, and quads ever. Ronnie would place higher, but he peaked too late in the 90’s.

4. Kevin Levrone


Biggest Wins: 2x Arnold Classic

Why?: The Maryland Muscle Machine was one of the most unconventional bodybuilders ever. He was famous for losing weight in the off season, and gaining weight in the pre-contest mode. He won numerous titles, and his shoulders are among the best ever. Not a very talkative guy if you get to meet him, but a living legend.

5. Shawn Ray


Biggest Wins: 1991 Arnold Classic (Won 1990, but DQ’d. Only IFBB Bodybuilder to be DQ after winning for failing drug test, )

Why?:  Shawn was big in the right places, and small in the right places. He had mass and symmetry. Shawn’s conditioning was top notch and he will forever be remembered for his look.

6. Vince Taylor


Biggest Wins: 22 victories (2nd all time)

Why?:  Up until King Ronnie’s dominance, no one won more titles than Vince Taylor. In 2007, at the age of 51, Vince entered the Arnold Classic and finished 10th. The year before he qualified for the Olympia. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

7. Nasser El Sonbaty


Biggest Win: 1999 Arnold Classic

Why?: Nasser was a freak. He had uncomparable mass and should have won the 1997 Mr. Olympia. Many people fill he was discriminated against for not being American. This may be true, but the late great Nasser will always be remembered for his mass and class.

8. Chris Cormier


Biggest Win: 1997 NOC

Why?: Mass, symmetry, and conditioning. Chris Cormier had it all. He was the bride’s maid to too many contests, but had a career that expanded into the 2000’s.

9. Paul Dillett


Biggest Win: 1999 NOC

Why?: Paul was the most successful tall bodybuilder of the 90’s. He was a genetic freak! His vascularity and size made him a very successful career.

10. Lee Haney


Best Win: 8x Mr. Olympia

Why?: Keep in mind that Lee would be #1 on an 80’s list, but because he only competed in 90 and 91, I had to keep him towards the bottom. Lee has one of the best backs in history, and great symmetry.

Honorable Mentions: Lee Priest, Lee Labrada, Matt Matarazzo, Charles Clairmonte, Günter Schlierkamp, Gary Strydom, Milos Sarcev


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