Rich Piana Dies after Coma and Surgery

Rich Piana Dies after Coma and Surgery

Rich Piana has died. Bodybuilding celebrity, social media star, and face of 5% Nutrition dies after emergency surgery and coma. He was 46 years old.


Social media celebrity and bodybuilder Rich Piana has died. Rich Piana was a bodybuilder and face of 5% Nutrition. He had a loyal army of fans and over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account. Rich was known of his controversial ways and his use of anabolic steroids.

TMZ reported that on August 7th he passed out while getting his hair cut. After his girlfriend failed to revive him, doctor’s┬áput into a medically induced coma.

The bodybuilding industry had differing opinions on this larger than life spectacle. Some loved him because he brought so many fans to the sport, while others disliked his open stance on anabolic steroids, and use of “fake” oils and fillers he would put into his muscles to make them look bigger.

A Bad Week In Bodybuilding

This is the second death in bodybuilding this week. Dallas McCarver, a 26 year old bodybuilding champion was found dead by his training partner. McCarver was dubbed the future of bodybuilding after becoming a pro bodybuilder at only his 3rd show at 21 years old.

Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana


My thoughts are with these two iron warriors…


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