Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver Dead

Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver Dead at 26

Breaking News: Dallas McCarver, who I wrote about several times as the future Mr. Olympia champion once Phil Heath Retires died last night at the age of 26 years old. Sources say that  his training partner, Josh Lenartowicz, found him face down with food in his mouth. This isn’t his first time having health problems. Earlier in the year he collapsed on stage at the Arnold Australia competition.

Dallas was one of the youngest bodybuilders ever to turn pro after winning NPC North American’s at age 21 and only his third ever bodybuilding competition. Dallas McCarver was also rumored to be dating WWE superstar Dana Brooke. 

Just two days before he passed, Dallas McCarver posted that he was weighing over 320 pounds.

WWE’s Dana Brooke with Dallas McCarver

It’s a sad day in the bodybuilding world.


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