Kevin Levrone Update (7-15-2016)

The biggest bodybuilding news of 2016 has been about Kevin Levrone. Kevin Levrone is getting ready to compete in his first Olympia since 2003 after receiving special invitation. As you may have read in a report I did on the subject earlier, I didn’t expect the 51 year old to be very competitive. We have viewed some social media pictures and clips of Kevin but couldn’t really tell what shape he was in. Yesterday a bombshell was dropped on RXMuscle.


Kevin is very famous for his ability to “grow into shows”. Most bodybuilders bulk up and lose weight going into a show, but Kevin does it backwards, and it seems to be working for him! I had heard a report a few weeks ago that he was around 250 pounds. At 5’9 that is a big bodybuilder. The biggest question on the message boards is “Does he have legs?” Many bodybuilders who compete in their upper 40’s and 50’s tend to see atrophy attack their legs first. Will this be the case for Kevin? The good news is that Kevin’s body is fresh (due to not competing in more than a decade). There is a chance that Kevin will still have good wheels.

1998 Mr. Olympia

So how well do you think Kevin will do? Top 10? Top 5? Winner? Let me know below!


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2 thoughts on “Kevin Levrone Update (7-15-2016)

  • July 28, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    He will be top five I think closer to fifth but maybe will get to see him keep coming back for more shows like Albert Beckels!!!


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