Creatine Rage and the Case of the Abusive Cop

Creatine Rage and the Case of the Abusive Cop

You may have watched the above video that tried to state that Officer Ben Fields may have been using bodybuilding supplement “Creatine” and it may have contributed to his rage!

Oh no! I use creatine daily!

Here is what we know about creatine: 

It’s naturally occurring. It is found in meat.
It is one of the most studies supplements in history.
Your body already has 100-150 grams of it naturally without taking the supplement.
It increases muscle mass and strength

This is what side effects are known:

Weight gain
Dehydration and cramps
Gastrointestinal issues

Alleged side effects:

If you have kidney or liver problems, you probably shouldn’t take creatine

Other items to note:

There is no such thing as Creatine Rage!!!

Creatine does not increase hormone levels such as steroids. Creatine isn’t an amphetamine that hypes you up. Creatine is not going to make you hulk out and assault a kid for no reason! 

Incredible Hulk? Not likely from Creatine...
Incredible Hulk? Not likely from Creatine…

So in the case of the “Creatine Rage Cop” Results:

It was a bad kid, doing bad things, who messed with a cop having a horribly regrettable day.

Creatine is Found- Not Guilty

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