Arecoline may cause cancer, why is it in Kai Greene’s “Savage Roar” and DLB’s “EWP” preworkouts?

Arecoline may cause premature births, cancer, and thyroid issues. Why is it in Dana Linn Bailey’s and Kai Greene’s preworkout?


I am a huge Kai Greene and Dana Linn Bailey fan, but I do not recommend Kai’s Pre-Workout “Savage Roar” or DLB’s “EWP” to anyone. A review of the ingredients show that Arecoline is an active ingredient. I originally learned about this substance from Evan Centopani (Bodybuilder) on the Muscular Development Forums.

Here is some information on the ingredient:

In summary: can cause hypothyroidism, cancer, premature births, and other horrible side effects. (Graphic Photo below of mouth cancer caused by active ingredient)

Arecoline is probably “safe” in small dosages and for short periods of time (take this preworkout for a few months, then switch to another one), but who would chance it? It isn’t going to make you bigger, more ripped, or better. Although I feel that Kai and Dana have almost nothing to do with their products (shocker), I think this is a horrible business move by the company that creates their products. Why put something in your products that will probably be struck down by FDA regulation? You will lose money by pulling it off the shelves. Of course I could be wrong, every kid in America but be buying this because of the face on the product. Money > Health of Customers.

Need a good preworkout? I like MegaWatt HD by 1st Phorm

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Note: Please read the ingredients label of your favorite supplements and make sure that you understand what each ingredient does to your body. The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements like prescription medication and many times supplements hold ingredients that can cause dire consequences.

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