Study Finds Men Who Can do 40 Push-Ups have Lower Risk of Heart Disease

40 push-ups

A recent study showed that men able to do 40 push-ups lowered risk of cardiovascular events by 96% compared to those who could do 10 or less. This study which had over 1100 male participants with a median age around 40 studied cardiovascular events over a 10 year period

Why is this important? The results showed that the better exercise capacity (Push-ups) decreased the likelihood of a cardiovascular event (heart attack, etc.) The results also showed significantly better triglyceride and glucose levels for those who could complete the 40 or more push-ups.

There is also good news for those who can’t do 40 or more push-ups. Those who could do 11 or more push-ups saw decreases in cardiovascular events, lower BP, lower triglycerides, and other benefits.

The one major flaw of the study was the average age of those who could only do 1-10 push-ups were 13.3 years older than the average age of those who could do 40 or more push-ups. The older you are, the harder it is on your body to complete this task.

Why is this Important?

I think that the most important point that this study makes is that push-ups are free. You don’t have to have a gym membership to do push-ups. I have made an emphasis on high intensity at home based workouts. These workouts help you burn fat and gain lean muscle. Now we know that these also help prevent cardiovascular events and have other great benefits on your health.

Whether you are a male or female, resistance training has been proven time and time again to provide great health benefits, builds lean muscle, and shreds fat.

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