Why Your Personal Trainer Sucks…

My topic of the week is about personal trainers. Why am I going to discuss trade secrets when I’m a personal trainer and sports nutritionist? Because I actually want to see you succeed.

Why your personal trainer sucks…

1.  You see people around you losing weight and getting stronger, but you are paying a professional and you aren’t seeing that many results, but they keep encouraging you by measuring you 20 different ways to show how many inches you are losing!

  • Here is a secret, if you see too many results, the trainer doesn’t get paid. This could also include you doing crazy exercises hanging from TRX machines. Why do trainers do this? So you have to rely on them to spot you. They will also encourage you or punish you by saying that you aren’t motivated enough. Also a pet peeve. Why measure someone in 30 different places and tell them they have lost “x amount of inches”. This means almost nothing. Measure around your belly button and around one thigh every 2 weeks and you can see how you are progressing.

2. Your trainer does a workout of the day or doesn’t give you a set workout plan.

  • If you don’t have a set workout plan, it means they are probably just pulling something off the internet. This could also mean that you are missing core muscle groups. If they never teach you how to make a proper workout program, then you are more than likely going to stay with them because of your ignorance.

3.  Your trainer talks about how great circuit training is.


  • This style of training is inferior to weight lifting splits. Weight lifting splits, or traditional weight lifting is focusing on 1-2 muscle groups a day, and giving adequate rest during the week before training again. You can read more about the results of some studies of circuit training vs. strength training. https://evidencemag.com/circuit-training-costs-benefits

4.  Your trainer doesn’t write anything down, or doesn’t encourage you to write down your workouts.

  • If a trainer doesn’t write down the exercises and the weight you did from the previous session, how are you supposed to improve? You should write down every exercise that you perform and the weights in which you used.

5.  Your trainer doesn’t tell you how to use proper form and doesn’t tell you what the exercise does.

  • You should be asking your trainer what each exercise does, but the Trainer should let you know before you start the exercise. He/she should also show you proper form and things to watch out for. If you ask the trainer what an exercise does, and he/she stumbles to give you an answer, ask for your money back.

6. Your trainer doesn’t talk to you about nutrition.

  • The gym is only about 10% of the equation about getting fit. If your trainer doesn’t encourage you to have a nutrition plan, or help you create one, then you are destined to fail.

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3 thoughts on “Why Your Personal Trainer Sucks…

  • January 30, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    Some good stuff but some not so good as well. I write down nothing because I want my clients to use their brain! I teach them how the “body” should work and if you know that then you can work out with anything or nothing and get a great workout. I teach them how to use their minds and create their own exercises(someone thought up the others, why not you?). I tell them that with new exercises, to use low weight or no weight; start very slow and stop with any pain! I tell them to not always count on me because I won’t always be there. The way I see it, a functional fitness trainer is there to teach and inspire! Thank you, #thetrainer


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