How to Properly Plan A Successful Weight Loss #2


How to Properly Plan A Successful Weight Loss #2

If you haven’t read the first one:

Summary from the 1st one:

Get your household involved, throw away the garbage, no sugar soda, meal planning FTW, set goals, how are you going to lose weight, how many calories, how do I make a meal plan, finding an exercise plan.

How Do I Plan My Diet?

  • How many calories do I need per day?
  • What diet should I use?
    • There are many diets out there. You can read my reviews here:
  • Draw up a meal plan based on that diet and the amount of calories you need
  • Meal Prep 101:
    • Outline your entire week of meals for you and your family on Sunday
    • Go Shopping on Sunday
    • Plan crock pot meals to make things easier for you a few days
    • Make your breakfasts easier with Level-1! Out of 200 people that we train, I’d say that most use meal replacement shakes from 1st Phorm to supplement unhealthy meals. I use Level-1 Protein for breakfast. It is 140 calories, full of protein, low carb, low fat. Mixes instantly and tastes amazing. Use link below for free shipping. You put it in a shaker, shake and go.
    • Think smarter not harder:
      • Chicken Breast is $1.99 a pound at the butcher @ Kroger. Salads are cheap and easy to make. Combine for great lunches.

How Do I Plan My Workouts?


Good Luck!


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