2016 Mr. Olympia Preview w/ Predictions


The Mr. Olympia sponsored by Amazon is fast approaching. With one more event prior to the Mr. Olympia (the Arnold Asia), we have almost finalized who has/hasn’t qualified.

Here is my list of qualifiers and estimate of who has qualified based on points:

Qualifiers: Justin Compton, Victor Martinez, Ben Pakulski, Dallas McCarver, William Bonac, Nathan DeAsha, Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Steve Kuclo, Josh Lenartowicz, Kevin Levrone, Cedric McMillan, Lukas Osladil, Shawn Rhoden, Roelly Winklaar, Dennis Wolf, Akim Williams.

Point Standings: Ronny Rockel-16,  Michael Lockett-12, Maxx Charles-11, Lionel Beyeke- 8,  Branch Warren-8,  Brandon Curry-7, Alexis Rivera-6,

Note: If you don’t accept invitation it can be offered to the qualifier on points. Ronny Rockel may compete in the 212. Branch Warren is not competing this year.


Kevin Levrone is back: Kevin received a special invitation to the Mr. Olympia and from pictures we have seen, he has taken advantage of it!


No Kai Greene: Kai Greene is not going to compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia for the second consecutive year. I think this is a mistake, but Kai does his own thing.

No Branch Warren, No Dennis Wolf: Branch is taking the year off to focus on business. Dennis Wolf is recovering from surgery.

Other Stories: Can Cedric nail conditioning? Can Justin Compton and Dallas McCarver steal a top 6 position? Can Dexter “the ageless one” Jackson overthrow Phil? Can Big Ramy come in shredded? Can Rhoden bring back the conditioning of 2014?

My Top 10:

10. Roelly Winklaar

9. Victor Martinez

8. William Bonac

7. Cedric McMillian

6. Dallas McCarver

5. Justin Compton

4. Shawn Rhoden

3. Big Ramy

2. Dexter Jackson

1. Phil Heath

Dark Horses:

Josh Lenartowicz has the size and conditioning to be in the top 6-8.

Kevin Levrone is the ultimate dark horse. I just don’t know if he will have the size to compete with this stacked lineup.

Steve Kuclo looked amazing earlier in the year. He has a chance to surprise people.

Ben Pakulski is the Tom Platz of this generation. He came in diced a few months ago and he could steal a top 10.

Nathan DeAsha has the genetics to steal a top 6 in this show. He will need to come in better than ever.

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