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Royal 21 Queen System 1st Phorm Review



1st Phorm Royal 21 Queen System Review. The Best Fat burner for women:

  • Controls Appetite
  • Shreds Fat
  • Burns Fat 24 Hours a Day
  • Eliminates Cravings
  • Helps You Sleep Better


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1st Phorm Royal 21 Queen System Review


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1st Phorm’s Royal 21 QUEEN System is the next evolution of fat loss. Royal 21 King and Queen Systems go to the next level of fat burning. It is a true 24 hour fat burning matrix.

What’s in it?

1st Phorm Royal XXI QUEEN System includes:

  • Royal 21 QUEEN
  • Core-21
  • Thyro-21



Kara lost 40 pounds over 3 months with help from the Royal 21 Queen System


  • More Energy
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Thermogenics
  • Boosted BMR
  • Increases Oxidation of Lipids in the Body
  • Decreases Stored Body Fat
  • An Overall Great Feeling


  • Helps You Sleep
  • Decreases Cortisol (The Fat Causing Hormone)
  • Increases Digestion During Nighttime
  • Limits Appetite-Stimulating Hormone Ghrelin


  • Increases Natural Energy Without Stimulants
  • Optimizes Thyroid
  • Natural Thermogenic
  • Raises Metabolic Rate



Royal XXI Queen System is the new “Queen” of fat burners by providing 24 hours of fat burning by targeting all areas of fat burning. Stimulants when you need them, and non-stimulants and sleep aids when you need them. Optimizing hormonal levels naturally throughout the body and helping you shred that weight fast. There is no miracle diet pill but with proper diet and exercise, Royal XXI Queen System can having you looking better than ever! I anticipate that with proper dieting and exercise you could lose upwards of 20 pounds in a month on this stack!



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Royal 21 Queen System

Thank you for reading!


Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

Workout for Women to Add Muscle

Are you a woman looking to add muscle? This workout is for you!

This is a 4 day a week workout split, this means that you will lift weights 4 days a week, hitting each body part once.  By reading this article you qualify for free shipping on all 1st Phorm products: 1stphorm.com/nutritiontrain 

Day #1: Chest

Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

Image result for dumbbell flat bench women

Sets: 5 Reps: 8-12 Increase weight if possible




Bosu Pushups

Image result for women bosu push ups

Sets: 5 Reps: 8-10 You can put your knees on the ground, or do these leaning against the wall.

Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press

Image result for inclined db bench press women

Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12

Day #2: Back & Biceps

Wide Grip Pulldowns

Image result for wide grip pulldown women

Sets: 5 Reps: 8-12

Reverse Close Grip Pulldowns

Image result for reverse grip close grip pulldowns girl

Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12

Seated Cable Rows

Image result for seated cable rows girl

Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12

Lower Back Extensions

Image result for lower back extensions women

Sets: 3 Reps: 10


Image result for 21s exercise women

Sets: 3 Reps: 21


Day #3: Shoulders & Triceps

Lateral Raises

Image result for lateral raises women

Sets: 3 Reps: 8-10

Frontal Raises

Image result for frontal raises women

Sets: 3 Reps: 8-10

Shoulder Press

Image result for shoulder press machine woman

Sets: 3 Reps 8-12

Rear Delt Rows

Image result for rear delt row pulley

Sets: 3 Reps: 10 

Rope Triceps Extension

Image result for rope triceps extension

Sets: 5 Reps: 10-12

Dips (Bench Dips, Regular Dips, or Assisted Dips)

Image result for bench dips women

Sets: 3 Reps: 10-12

Day #4: Legs

Note: All Leg Day exercises are supersetted, meaning that you don’t take any breaks and you will do one set of sumo squats and then immediately do a set of lunges, then a set of walls sits,

Sumo Squats


Sets: 3 Reps: 10-12


Sets: 3 Reps: 30 Seconds


Sets: 3 Reps: 10 Steps Forward and Back


You should do 15-20 minutes of cardio per day. I suggest doing elliptical machine because t is easier on your joints.

Post Workout Nutrition:

It is vital post workout to include quality protein isolates and simple carbohydrates to refuel and rebuild your muscles. This is why I suggest the Post Workout Stack from 1st Phorm. It tastes amazing! Order it here with free shipping:  https://1stphorm.com/a/products/post-workout-stack?a_aid=NutritionTrain 


Christina H. co-owner of CardioandWeights.com


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Thanks for reading,


Dustin Holston


Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

1st Phorm GDA Review

1st Phorm GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) Review


What is making us fat? For years and even today people think fat is making us fat. Fat has a bad reputation, and although it can make us fat, carbohydrates are the chief culprit. Carbohydrates, especially sugars spike insulin. When insulin is spiked (and you aren’t working out, or in in a post workout setting), your body immediately goes into fat storage mode. Guess where that fat goes? Waist, hips, thighs, and all those other places that you don’t want it to go.


What do I do?

You can go low carb, and that will help, although it will hurt your gains because your muscles need carbs for recovery. Or you could use…

GDA by 1st Phorm

GDA by 1st Phorm is a Glucose Disposal Agent. This supplement will move more of the glucose to the muscle and less to your blood sugar. This will keep your blood sugar from spiking and thus will keep your waist size from increasing. GDA also slows down the absorption of carbs which will also help with blood sugar. This supplement combines the benefits of low carb eating with the benefits of having glycogen in the muscles.


Where do I buy?

You can order it through various links, but if you order it today here for $42.99: https://1stphorm.com/a/products/gda?a_aid=NutritionTrain you will receive free shipping on your entire order. 1st Phorm doesn’t do coupon codes so this is the best deal you will receive!



Bigger muscles, shredded, lower body fat, lower blood sugar, more glycogen to the muscle cells, better athletic performance, get GDA!



Thank you for reading!

Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

Best Non-Stimulant Pre Workout- ALPHACre HD by 1st Phorm

ALPHACre HD Review

Sometimes when you are dragging ass, you need a boost from your pre workout, however caffeine isn’t always a great thing when it comes to fitness. Sure it gets your more energy, however it is vas0-restrictive. This means that caffeine constricts your blood cells, limiting the amount of amino acids and other crucial vitamins and minerals your muscles need to grow. When you need energy reach for MegaWattHD  , however when you don’t need energy, grab ALPHACre HD.

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From 1st Phorm:

Amplify Strength, Delay Muscle Fatigue, Increase Muscle Cell Volume
With each intense rep of your training you are working towards your goal of becoming a stronger high-performance athlete! But when it comes to muscle growth and sports performance, how you fuel your training makes an enormous impact on your overall results. The ability to energize your muscle fibers with more power and stamina will allow you to train harder and longer, and increase your gains. ALPHACre HD™ accomplishes this by combining two powerful muscle buffers, creatine and beta-alanine, so you can take your strength, power and sports performance to its peak!
Creatine is an energy source found naturally in the human body to stave off muscle fatigue. Creatine is a powerful muscle cell volumizer, and one of the most well researched and time proven sports supplements known. Increased creatine levels in the body allow for ATP regeneration and act as a supply of immediately available energy for you during training. This amplified energy allows you to increase the maximal force production of your muscles during intense training. With effective supplementation of creatine, the body depends less on glycolysis (the metabolic breakdown of glucose into energy), reducing lactic acid to effectively minimize muscle fatigue.
Beta-alanine is an amino acid derivative aimed specifically at increasing your body’s carnosine levels, which will enhance your training performance, workout volume, power and overall gains. Heightened carnosine levels have been shown to increase the body’s ability to resist muscle fatigue by functioning as a powerful H+ buffer in muscle cells.
When these two powerful ingredients are combined in ALPHACre HD, creatine and beta-alanine create a synergistic effect that is far more powerful and will facilitate far greater performance improvements than stand-alone creatine or beta-alanine products. If you’ve tried other creatine or beta-alanine products in the past, be ready to be blown away with your performance when you work ALPHACre HD into your training.
The double-tap of beta-alanine and creatine in ALPHACre HD will increase aerobic capacity and endurance, as well as your anaerobic power output and overall strength levels making it an ideal supplement for all types of athletes. ALPHACre HD is guaranteed to help you amplify your performance to the next level!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Less than $1.00 a serving. Plus a 110% money back guarantee if you don’t like the product, ship it back.

If you want more muscle, more power, and more strength in the gym, then you need ALPHACre HD by 1st phorm.

What does ALPHACre HD Go Well With?


Bliss Go Pack

Commander Go Pack

Level-1 Protein

Post Workout Stack

M-Factor Hero

M-Factor Goddess


Primal Pack

Post Workout Stack

Overall Health:

Full Mega

Whole Heart


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Thank you for reading,

Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist


1st Phorm MegaWatt V2 vs. Cellucor C4 Pre Workout

mainbannerCellucor c4 Pre-Workout vs. 1st Phorm MegaWatt V2

Which is better?

Two of the most popular pre-workouts on the market are Cellucor’s C4 and 1st Phorm’s MegaWatt V2. Both taste great, but which has better ingredients and which is a better value?

What is a Pre-Workout?

A pre-workout is a supplement that people take before workout to increase focus, increase energy, and increase pump/strength. Most people look for the following:

  1. Stimulant(s): Caffeine, Yohimbine, or other stimulants to increase energy and focus in the gym.
  2. Pump/Strength: Nitric Oxide Boosters, Creatine, Beta Alanine, Betaine, and others

MegaWatt V2

Serving Size: 45

Price: $39.99 (Free Shipping)

MegaWatt V2 includes the following ingredients:

  • Beta Alanine- 1.5 grams
  • Creatine Monohydrate- 2.5 grams
  • Agmatine Sulfate- 1 gram
  • Caffeine Blend with Rauwolscine- 342 mgs
  • V2 Matrix: [N-Acetyl Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, N-Methyl Tyramine HCL, Sulbutiamine, Hordenine, Huperzine A 1%] 64 mgs

Verdict: Beta Alanine seems to be adequately dosed. 2.5 grams of creatine monohydrate is a great dose for someone who wants to continue to keep their creatine levels up. One study shows that Agmatine is 100x better at creating pumps than L-Arginine. This means sicker pumps in the gym! The caffeine levels will keep you psyched in the gym, but shouldn’t be taken within 3-4 hours of sleep. As a stimulant and pre-workout, MegaWatt has it!

Cellucor C4

Serving Size: 30 

Price: $29.99

Cellucor includes the following ingredients:

  • Beta Alanine- 1.6 grams
  • Creatine Nitrate- 1  gram
  • Arginine AKG- 1 gram
  • Caffeine Anhydrous- 160 mgs
  • L-Tyrosine/TeaCore- 211 mgs

Verdict: Beta Alanine seems to be adequately dosed, but there are no scientific studies showing the effectiveness of Creatine Nitrate. If it was “as effective” as Creatine Monohydrate, it would be extremely under-dosed.  Arginine AKG has been showing to increase “pump” but studies I found included 12 grams of Arginine AKG vs. 1 gram that is currently in C4. 160 mgs of Caffeine Anhydrous is adedquate in my opinion. L-Tyrosine and TeaCore (Theacrine) have shown to reduce stress (L-Tyrosine) and stimulate (Theacrine).

Winner: 1st Phorm MegaWatt V2

Cheaper-Better Ingredients-Better Dosed

You can purchase 1st Phorm’s MegaWatt V2 here and receive free shipping on your entire order! Lowest price guaranteed! 


Thanks for reading!


Dustin Holston

Certified Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist


MegaWatt V2 Pre-Workout Review

Version 2 of MegaWatt has me crushing the gym. Increased focus, increased strength, increased pump… what else do you want?

Free Shipping: You get 45 servings for $40.00 with free shipping if you click here! 

MegaWatt V2 is a preworkout supplement from 1st Phorm. Like many preworkouts, MegaWatt includes supplements to increase energy, increase focus, increase pump, and increase strength, but 1st Phorm actually includes the right dosages to make you feel like a beast in the gym!


Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Creatine Monohydrate 2500 mg Strength, Recovery, Pump
Beta-Alanine 1500 mg Increased Performance
Agmatine Sulfate 1000 mg Increased Bloodflow-Pump
Ener-G Matrix(TM): 342 mg Energy and Focus
[Caffeine Anhydrous, DiCaffeine Malate, Caffeine Citrate, Rauwolscine]
V2 Matrix(TM): 64 mg Focus, Energy, Fat Burning
[N-Acetyl Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, N-Methyl Tyramine HCL, Sulbutiamine, Hordenine, Huperzine A 1%]

Personal Review: 

I like to start my back workout with 10 minutes of deadlifts (once I warm-up). After the first few sets of 15-20, normally I have to take more than a minute break between sets. My first week on MegaWatt V2, I absolutely demolished my personal best. I hit more reps than ever with 2 minutes remaining. I also took less breaks between sets. I have been getting in and out of the gym in record time and even have found time to do more cardio!

The flavor of MegaWatt V2 is outstanding and it mixed with only a few ounces of water. I throw in maybe 4 ounces of water and take it like a shot. It mixes incredibly easy. I take it on non-workout days to help me work on the house and keep my creatine levels up. This is my go to Pre-Workout!

The best part is that it is cheap!  You get 45 servings for $40.00 with free shipping if you click here! 

Note: If you are caffeine sensitive, this is still a great product for you! Start off with half a dose. That will give you 90 servings instead of 45! 

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Dustin Holston

Certified Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

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