Best Weight Loss Supplement Stack

Best Weight Loss Supplement Stack

In 2017 I had two clients that lost over 100 pounds on this stack (one lost 151 pounds in 12 months!). This stack is highly effective at melting fat, increasing energy, decreasing appetite, controlling hormones, and giving you the protein your body desperately needs to promote lean muscle.

What is this Best Weight Loss Supplement Stack?

1st Phorm King Weight Loss Stack

The King or Queen Weight Loss Stack

The King (men) or Queen (women) Weight Loss Stack by 1st Phorm provides the following:

Royal King (or Queen): A very powerful fat burning supplement with natural ingredients to help control appetite, rev up metabolism, metabolize fat, and more!

T-21: A thyroid optimizer that helps burn fat naturally!

C-21: My favorite supplement, C-21 helps you burn fat as you sleep by helping you fall asleep faster, reduce cortisol levels, and help you better digest food.

M-Factor Hero or Goddess: A pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin specifically made to help people who are dieting or working out supplement with the vitamins and minerals they need most.

Level-1 Meal Replacement Protein: The best tasting protein on the market. Level-1 is formulated to keep you full, mix instantly, and help build lean muscle while burning fat.

Ultimate Weight Loss Supplement Stack

Ordering through this link will help you save $5.00 instead of buying them separately plus get free Priority Mail Shipping! This is the Best Weight Loss Supplement Stack!

1st Phorm Queen Weight Loss Stack

1st Phorm King Weight Loss Stack


For the first few weeks, take 1 Royal Queen has been replaced with 1-DB Goddess!/King and 1 T-21 30 minutes before Breakfast & 30 minutes before lunch. Drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water a day.

Approximately 30 minutes before bed, take 3 Core-21 and 3 Micro Factor Multivitamins.

Use Level-1 to replace an unhealthy meal with a tasty healthy meal. Try mixing it in cold water, almond milk, regular milk, or some flavors like Cinnamon Cookie Batter and Caramel Latte taste amazing in cold brew coffee!

Thank you for reading!

Dustin Holston
NASM Weight Loss Specialist/Personal Trainer

Note: I am not a doctor, please consult a doctor before starting any weight loss products or workouts.

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