How to Diet and the Answers to Your Biggest Questions


  1. How do I know how many calories I need to eat to lose weight?
    1. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of calories your body needs to maintain current weight (at rest). If you eat less than your BMR, you will lose weight. Use this  link to help calculate yours: 
  2. How do I prevent myself from binge eating?
    1. Many people do well 75% of the time, but will ruin their diet with one meal. Binge eating affects millions of Americans, and you are not alone. Drinking a glass of water prior to a meal can help fill your stomach prior to eating. It will make you feel full faster.
    2. Supplements such as the Bliss Go Pack (women) and Commander Go Pack (men) have appetite suppression that helps me cut cravings. Order either through this link with free shipping!  
  3. How do I find healthy choices with meals?
    1. There are a ton of healthy recipes when it comes to meal planning that you can take advantage . You can go to and type healthy “insert food here” and thousands of recipes will come up.
    2. What I find is that people have trouble finding healthy meals when they are in a hurry, or when they are at work. The pressures of hurrying and eating make you make unhealthy and expensive decisions. That is why I tend to asks my clients to look at Level-1 Protein by 1st Phorm. Level-1 Protein is high quality protein that keeps you full longer, while being low carb and low fat. My wife and I use Level-1 Protein has a meal replacement daily. Order through this link with free shipping! 
  4. How do I workout?
    1. Before going to the gym for the first time, find a sample workout plan, or ask me to develop one. Email me:
    2.  You can talk to personal trainers at the gym about helping you develop a training program, however they will charge you $$$
    3. Use this workout program that I developed:
  5. What Supplements Should I take?
    1. Protein: I’d suggest high quality meal replacement protein (Level-1) and a post workout protein (Phormula-1). If you could only afford one, I’d suggest Level-1 starting out.  Order through this link with free shipping! 
    2. Fat Burners: Although not necessary, The Bliss Go Pack/Commander Go Pack have a track record to help you lose weight fast. I lost 12 pounds in a month from the Commander Go Pack. Order either through this link with free shipping!  
    3. A good multi-vitamin can help. I suggest M-Factor Hero or M-Factor Goddess. 
    4. Fish Oil is great for the heart, the mind, weight loss, and lipids. I suggest Full-Mega. 
    5. Pre-Workout is not a must, but it can help motivate you with extra energy when you need a kick to get to the gym. MegaWatt V2 or ALPHACreHD are my favorites. 




If you follow these suggestions you will lose weight fast and look and feel better than ever!



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