1st Phorm Commander Go Pack Review

BannerCommanderReview: The Commander Go Pack is a comprehensive fat burning system that will help you burn fat 24/7, increase energy, and sleep better! A+ Rating for men who want to get shredded fast!


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Commander Go Pack UnBoxed:

The Commander Go Pack is a three step fat burning protocol that helps turn your body into a fat burning machine. Not only will you lose weight, but you will feel better, sleep better, and have more energy.

The Commander Go Pack Includes:

  • Commander

  • ThyroDrive

  • Opti-Core

Why 1st Phorm’s Commander Go Pack?

Your body works 24 hours, shouldn’t you have the supplements that support you 24 hours a day? When you want to lose weight, there are several factors. You have to control your hunger, you have to have the energy during calorie reduction to go to the gym, you have to be motivated, you have to be able to sleep, you have to make sure your body is ready for weight loss. All of these factors are covered with the Commander Go Pack.


What is Commander?

Cutting-Edge Nootropic Thermo-Lipolytic Formula

Commander™ is the most advanced fat-burning thermogenic ever created!

The market is flooded with literally thousands of weight loss products for you to choose from… they’re a dime a dozen. Commander™ is different and it’s like nothing you have ever taken before. Commander is the most advanced thermogenic fat loss supplement ever formulated – without question.

With a powerful and complex structure of natural ingredients to help facilitate fat loss, Commander will help you take control of your physique by boosting metabolism, eliminating cravings and appetite, and giving you a commanding charge of energy to take you through the day!

The Commander’s powerful Lipolytic Potentiator™ is a blend of all natural thermogenic compounds designed to help increase your core body temperature, ramp up your basal metabolic rate and increase overall lipid oxidation to assist in eliminating stored body fat. The Lipolytic Potentiator in Commander assists in moderating glucose uptake to help keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range and forces the release of stored fatty acids into the blood stream where they can be readily metabolized and used immediately as energy. Commander’s secret weapon is this potent blend of nootropic compounds to assist in stimulating production of key neurotransmitters involved in brain function to provide intense mental focus, alertness and an overall sense of well being.

Commander is unrivaled in its class. With Commander you can trust that you are getting the best available option when it comes to premium thermogenic products. As with all 1st Phorm® products, there are absolutely no corners cut when it comes to providing your body with powerful ingredients that will truly get you results! When used in combination with regular exercise, plenty of water and a nutritious meal plan Commander will have you looking and feeling better than ever! You won’t ever use any other fat loss product again.For maximum fat loss results, take Commander along with ThyroDrive® and Downtime PM™ to help naturally balance thyroid hormone production and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Take command of your fat loss with Commander!*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What is ThyroDrive?

Lipo-Incendiary Metabolic Catalyst

ThyroDrive® is the perfect weapon when it comes to combating a weight loss issue that plagues over 30 million Americans… an under active thyroid.

ThyroDrive is specifically formulated to target the issues of stress that lead to an inactive thyroid and improper thyroid hormone production within the human body. Its powerful formula is designed to help naturally and safely optimize thyroid function by delivering the raw materials your body needs to help stimulate T3 and T4 thyroid hormone production. Increased T3 and T4 leads to optimal thyroid function in your body and helps raise your body’s basal metabolic rate as well as core body temperature, leading to a dramatic increase in daily caloric expenditure.

ThyroDrive is able to naturally enhance your body’s energy levels, but does not affect your central nervous system in any way and can be taken day or night without fear of jitters or restless nights. Because of this, it is ideal for people with sensitivity issues to caffeine or other central nervous stimulants. More importantly though, is the ability to stack ThyroDrive with a powerful stimulant-based fat burner, such as Commander™ or Bliss™ to maximize fat loss and overall results. Doing this enables you to address your weight issues through two separate channels to both accelerate and maximize your results. For maximum fat loss use Thyro-Drive as a part of the Bliss Go Pack or Commander Go Pack to optimize your metabolism around the clock!*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What is Opti-Core?

In today’s society stress is everywhere and whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional it increases your cortisol levels. When your cortisol levels remain elevated it signals your body to hold onto fat in your midsection as well as cause lethargy, anxiety, and a weakened immune system. Opti-Core™ was formulated to reduce your cortisol levels, bringing them back down to a healthy level, in order to promote optimal weight loss results and an overall healthier you. A prominent factor in reducing cortisol and maintaining those healthy levels is deep, restful sleep. The AdrenaCort Recovery™ in Opti-Core helps you unwind, and relax to reduce stress levels. By reducing stress and getting a relaxing night’s sleep, cortisol levels will be dramatically reduced. This optimizes your metabolism and allows your body sufficient time to recover to its full potential. We’ve addressed another key nighttime fat loss problem by adding our Lipozyme Optimizer™ to further enhance recovery. We do this by aiding in digestion and nutrient assimilation while you are asleep. A proper blend of digestive enzymes keeps your body’s metabolism working as efficiently as possible, keeping your metabolism up, even while you sleep. This positive impact on your metabolism not only helps assist with fat-loss while you sleep, but puts you in an optimal fat burning state immediately upon waking.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


I have had many of my clients on the Commander Go Pack, and many of them are losing 10-20 pounds during the 1st two months. Many of these clients were stuck at a plateau weight and the Commander Go Pack gave them the motivation, energy, focus, and results needed.

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Stay Healthy My Friends,

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