2015 Arnold Classic: Who Won? Reactions…

The 2015 Arnold Classic has came and went… Who won?

I went 10/10 predicting the top 5 of both the Arnold Classic and the 212 divisions (although I did get them out of order). You can read my predictions here.

1. Dexter wins his 5th Arnold Classic, cementing his legacy as one of the most consistent and pleasing physiques in IFBB history.

1874-dexter-jackson-267_finalSummary: Dexter was just too good for anyone else in this lineup. This wasn’t his best showing, and although Branch was in better condition, Dexter’s overall package won him the Arnold. Dexter is one of my all-time favorites.

2. Branch Warren surprises many, comes in harder and more grainy than ever.


Summary: There are three elements to bodybuilding in my opinion: 1. Size 2. Shape 3. Conditioning. Branch’s size and conditioning was what put him in 2nd place. No one was as hard, vascular, and grainy as Branch. He does have some “lagging” parts, but overall he looked amazing. He placed where he deserved.

3. Justin Compton is the future.

15023-justin-compton-97_finalSummary: Compton had great shape and size, but his conditioning wasn’t spot on. He needs to control his midsection more. I think Justin got a little too big in his off season and it will be interesting to see if he can bring a harder physique later this spring. I am still on the Justin Compton band wagon. The kid has talent.

4. Cedric misses… again.

.15973-cedric-mcmillan-281_finalSummary: Cedric has the ability to be one of the greatest of all time. Cedric has fantastic shape, size, but his conditioning needs to improve if he wants to compete for major titles.

5. Evan was close… but missed.


Summary: I had been following Evan on the message boards and he looked incredible. He seems a bit off by the time the Arnold came. Evan has great size, but missed on his conditioning.

Everyone else… Sigh

Roelly Winklaar, Ben Pakulski, Lionel Beyeke, Toney Freeman, and Brandon Curry were a month out of shape. Sad to see such a big competition and people being way off. Vitaley Fateev didn’t look bad but his structure isn’t meant for top contests.

212 Was where the conditioning was amazing…

I predicted the top 5 in the 212, but had a few out of order. The top 5 looked amazing, and Jose Raymond deserved the top spot. He had Branch-like conditioning while being more structurally sound. Hidetada looked great. Correa’s conditioning was out of this world, but arms were downsized. Aaron Clark looked great. Charles Dixon had enough mass to compete with anyone, but missed the mark in conditioning.


Thank you for reading and lift heavy my friends,
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