Who will win the 2015 Arnold Classic?

The 2015 Arnold Classic is one of the most stacked lineups in history!

Returning after an absence from the Arnold, Dexter Jackson is looking to make history and win his 5th Arnold Classic, but there will be a ton of competition. Here is my predictions for the top 5, plus a special top 5 for the 212 Arnold Classic!

1. Dexter Jackson


Analysis: Dexter will win his 5th Arnold Classic. Although fresh blood and a former champion will be nipping on his heels, Dexter will be ready. From this fan photo a month or so out of the Arnold, you can tell that Dexter is going to come in “blade-like”.

2. Justin Compton


At just 26 years old, Justin Compton is taking the world my storm. I predict Justin not only finishing second at the Arnold Classic, but finishing in the top 5 at the Olympia. Justin is only going to be better, and this is the man with an IFBB pro card that has a chance to challenge Phil Heath in the upcoming years!

3. Evan Centopani 


Evan looks like a cartoon. He is looking huge and full a few weeks out. I think Evan will make a run at the Arnold but finish in the 3rd place position.

4. Cedric Mcmillan


Small waist, huge muscle bellies, Cedric has what many bodybuilders want. The problem with Cedric is that he hasn’t peaked at the right time. I’m afraid this may happen again. Top 5 finish is very respectable.
5. Branch Warren


From videos posted on Muscular Development, Branch looks big, veiny, and going to be coming in grainy. His conditioning is superb, but his noticeable flaws (torn muscles, wide waist) will land him in the 5th spot!

Dark Horses: Roelly Winklaar, Ben Pakulski, Lionel Beyeke

In the 212 class I see the following:






Lift Heavy My Friends,

Dustin Holston

1st Phorm Brand Ambassador-Personal Trainer-Nutritionist


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