2015 IFBB Bodybuilding Predictions

Gazing into my crystal ball, I see the following happening in 2015…

Dexter Jackson will win his 5th Arnold Classic, breaking a record he shared with Flex Wheeler.


Dexter will win his 5th Arnold Classic. Here is a recent picture of Dexter looking absolutely monstrous. He will break the record he shares with Flex Wheeler.

Justin Compton will be the next “Young Gun” to have success in the IFBB, and will finish top 3 at Arnold.


Justin is an absolute monster. Justin is also only 26 years old and rumors have him shooting for weighing between 250-260 at the Arnold this year. Justin won his only competition in 2014 (The IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando). I see Justin finishing in the top 3 at the Arnold, and top 6 at the Olympia!

Kai Greene will finish outside the top 2 at the 2015 Olympia.


Kai Greene is great for the sport. Kai is one of the true mass monsters left in the league right now, but that will start working against him. Kai out muscles most of his opponents, but over the last few years, his conditioning has suffered. He needs to streamline his waist and come in peeled. I don’t think he does it in 2015.

Phil will win #5


Phil didn’t look himself in 2014, fortunately for him, neither did Kai. I think in 2015 he will show the best package he has brought in a while. Unfortunately for everyone else, his aesthetics and mass will out class the rest of the field.

William Bonac will not be overlooked.


I absolutely hate how many fans lump shorter bodybuilders into being “small”. Yes William Bonac is as short as some of the 212 pound guys, but make no mistake, he deserves to be judged against the taller guys. He has Phil-like muscle bellies, small waist, and one of the best backs in the IFBB. William had an up and down 2014, but I think the judges will appreciate him more in 2015.


Like, love, or hate my choices?

Let me know below!


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