The easy way to a ripped and toned back for men and women

The easy way to a ripped and toned back for men and women…

Many gym-goers try to fit in as many exercises as they can without much thought other than “I must get bigger and stronger”, or “I must get ripped and toned”. This is a workout for people beginning in weight training, people wanting some diversity to their training, or people wanting to build function strength. Let’s learn about the anatomy of the back…

“The back is your best friend when it comes to making your waist appear smaller”


Your back is made up of multiple muscles, but the muscles I want you to focus on are your Latissimus Dorsi  or “Lats”.

The “Lats”


The lats are one of the biggest and strongest muscles in your body. From the animation above, you notice that they sit like wings below your arm pits down to your lower back. There are numerous functions and benefits of strong lats, but aesthetically speaking, the wider you make your back, the more narrow your waist looks. Here are some examples of my wife and I.


How to build wide and strong wings: Pull-ups, Pull-ups, Pull-ups…

Back Workout (1-2 times per week)

100 reps of pull-ups (If you cannot do a pull-up unassisted, use the pull-up assisting machine) the key is to not leave the bar until you get all 100, whether this takes 2 minutes or 20 minutes. Each week try to do it a bit faster (in time) than the previous week. If you are using the assistance machine, go down in assistance each week until you are able to do them without assistance. (Advanced- Add weight using a weight belt and complete this exercise.)


100 reps of wide grip lat pull-downs only if you are unable to do a pull-up on the assistance machine, or do not have the machine available. Find a weight that you can only do 10-12 times, and do not give up until you do all 100 reps. Take as many sets as you need, and rest a little. Each week you should increase the weight until you are able to do a pull-up.


4 sets of bent-over barbell rows (Yates Rows or Regular) I like going for 15 reps, and increase the weight each week. (Yates Rows on left, Regular Bent-Over Barbell Rows on right).

download (14)


Drink plenty of fluids, and after your workout grab some Phormula-1 and add a scoop of Ignition for post-workout carbs and protein. This will help fuel your muscles for better performance. Both can be bought with free shipping @

Try this workout for 3 to 4 months and see the results!!!

Lift Heavy My Friends,

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