Quest for 6% Body Fat Part VI- Back on the Grind

With roughly 20 days from Halloween, I’m in full diet mode. I’m doing some high intensity cardio after my workouts. I’m trying my hardest to eliminate cheat meals from my diet, and I’m a busting my ass despite having a back and neck injury. Jody Fisher @ Fisher Chiropractic in Saint Albans, WV has been taking care of my back and neck.

I’m starting to lean out, my arms and legs are getting more cuts. My upper abs and pecs are coming in, but my lower abs are giving me fits. I am going to up the cardio and see what happens. Luckily I’m wearing an Ultimate Warrior shirt for Halloween so my lower abs aren’t extremely important, but still important to my self conscious.  IMG_20141008_130943

My weight is in the upper 160’s… probably need to drop to low 160’s to get the look that I want.

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