BOOTY WORKout- The Best Butt Workout… EVER!!!!

As a personal trainer of men and women, I get a ton of questions from my female clients about how to get a firm, lifted butt.


Your glutes are one of the most powerful and largest muscles on your body. There are two determining factors that contribute to a good booty: muscle and low body fat.

To lower body fat, you need to concentrate on your nutrition and cardio to burn excess fat stores.

BOOTY WORKout Exercise Routine:

5 sets of Sumo Squats (10 reps) supersetted with 5 sets of 30 second wall sits.

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Tip: Keep your back straight and lower the kettlebell until it is floor level. Use appropriate weight, and don’t be afraid to go a little heavy on the squats.

Race Track Lunges: Race Track Lunges are an exercise I invited a few years back for my wife. Take two weights of equal size and perform a standard lunge. But instead of walking straight ahead, you make a slight angle as if you are running around a race track. Perform 5 slow sets. Once you complete the first set, complete the second set in the opposite direction.  Try to increase the weight each week.

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Perform your BOOTY WORKout twice a week, with several days of rest between workouts. Combine with some calf, hamstrings, and quad exercises to maximize your legs.

Lift Heavy My Friends,

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