The Quest for 6% Body Fat Part IV

I was feeling fantastic last week. I was down 5 pounds in just a few short weeks. My body fat was melting and I was starting to look good. I had scheduled a photo shoot for my wife and I on Sunday, but then damnation happened… BOOM… I had a fever, running nose, chest congestion, and a sore throat. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!


Long story short, I canceled the photo shoot. I’m on antibiotics and took a few days off from the gym. Last night was my first day back since Friday. The good news is that I weigh roughly the same and look okay (although I can tell that I missed my peak). I am going to hit the gym hard this week and reschedule the photo shoot for Sunday.


Yesterday I hit arms and shoulders. Had a fantastic workout and kept up with the two guys that I train. I had to mouth breathe the entire evening, but I made it work. Hopefully next week I will have some photos to publish from the wife and I.


I also have great news to report. My wife and I have been sponsored by 1st Phorm. 1st Phorm is an amazing supplement company that we have always had high admiration for. With our affiliation, we offer free shipping on all products through our store for our clients and readers. That will save you quite a few bucks on some awesome products.


Also, a big shout out to my trainees. Erin is Morgantown is kicking ass. Down 7 pounds this month. She is fighting through this sickness also, but isn’t giving up! Dave Ferrell is down 50 pounds since February. Congrats for hitting the milestone! Greg Buzzelli is down to 224, which is his lowest weight in over 12 years. Jessica Buzzelli is looking fitter than ever and is squating for reps 135. Keep up the good work Jess! A big shout out to Zumba with Christina, those girls and guys are busting their asses! 


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