The Quest for 6% Body Fat Part III

17 days in…

7 weeks away from Halloween. It is coming up quickly! I’m down to 170, which is about 4 pounds down since I started this Journey 17 days ago. My body fat seems to be dipping lower and lower. My diet has been nothing but lean protein, protein shakes, complex carbs, and some healthy fats. I am on no diet pills or steroids, but do take some yohimbine and preworkout. I also try to fast for 12 hours a day (10:00pm to 10:00am).  I took a picture yesterday before the gym, so I’m not pumped. I slightly pulled my groin doing squats Monday but it seems to be find today. Tuesday was shoulders and arms, and last night was back. Tonight will be chest, and Friday I will be doing legs and biceps (I try to hit my lagging body parts twice a week). Sunday I have a photo shoot with my wife. It will be interesting because it is the first one either of us has done (I was a baby model once though!). Going to be some huge news from us next week!  I know that I won’t be as big as the Ultimate Warrior, but I believe I will do him some honor!


Lift Heavy My Friends….

Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Nutrition and Personal Training

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