The Quest for 6% BF Part II

As you learned earlier, I’m planning on becoming the Ultimate Warrior for Halloween. The Ultimate Warrior is famous for having a low percentage of body fat with freaky large muscles. Unfortunately I do not have the muscle mass that the great one had, but I do plan on cutting to a very low body fat percentage. My goal is to be at 6% body fat by Halloween.

9-5 progress

Ten Days In:

I have lost 2 pounds, which I think is a fantastic start. I have been fasting until 10:30 am, only having coffee. Then I fuel my day with a high percentage of lean protein and complex carbs. I am trying to keep my diet around 1500 calories for the next few weeks. I am taking only caffeine, some yohimbine, and a low dose of creatine to keep my maintenance levels where they should be. I have not started cardio yet because I want to keep every ounce of muscle I can.


Check out the picture and let me know what you think about my progress! Also, as a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Follow me on Twitter: @NutritionTrain and on Facebook:


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