Five Vitamins and Supplements That Are Actually Worth Taking From Smithsonian Magazine

Here is a great article backed by actual science (not pseudoscience) by Smithsonian Magazine. Here are my opinion of their top 5, and two more special supplements I would add to the list…

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1. Vitamin D: I have a mixed opinion on most vitamins because of the numerous studies that show that taking vitamins can actually lower your lifespan (ref: Vitamin D on the other hand does have a better record promoting lifespans in humans. I would look for a true Vitamin D supplement, or add Vitamin D milk to your diet. Dustin’s Rating: B

2. Probiotics: The article is very topsy-turvy on the subject of probiotics. The only benefit the article states is that it lowers the chance of diarrhea after antibiotics, then goes into a paragraph of how it does not help IBS (in which I have). Unless a doctor instructs you to take probiotics, I would rather people increase their fiber intake. Dustin’s rating: C-

3. Zinc: Zinc has been proven to shorten the duration of the rhinovirus (common cold), which is what the article focuses on, but Zinc also is a key mineral that has many positive benefits. One of the key benefits is raising testosterone in males. Although this isn’t significant for most males of the age of 20-40, Zinc can have a positive benefit on those males in the age range that sees diminishing testosterone. Dustin’s Rating: A-

4. Niacin: I am a huge believer of niacin. The article totes the benefits of Niacin in relation to heart disease. In August 2013 my triglycerides were above 200, and my total cholesterol was above 230. I supplemented with 500 mgs of Niacin daily for a few months while changing my diet and exercise patterns. My cholesterol saw a huge drop in triglycerides (almost 100 points) and total cholesterol (down 50 points). Dustin’s Rating: A (for those who need it).

5. Garlic: Garlic has been used for a variety of ailments over the years, but it seems as if its biggest benefit is to lowering blood pressure. Dustin’s Rating: B

The following are special inclusions I would recommend based on science and history:

1. Fish Oil: Fish oil is a wonderful supplement with a variety of great benefits. Fish oil has been proven to: reduce swelling, lower cholesterol, help prevent cognitive/mental ailments (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Bipolar Disorder), help lose weight, among countless others. I suggest supplementing with 2000 mgs of high quality fish oil. I like to use Musclepharm’s Fish Oil Dustin’s Rating: A+

2. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): CLA is found in meat and milk and is a great supplement to help with weight loss, CLA is readily available and is relatively cheap and proven weight loss aid. I prefer Primaforce CLA Dustin’s Rating: B+

The article can be reviewed below:

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